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TopsQueen February 11th, 2019 3:41am

My daughter and I are watching “John Adams” if you got to meet one of the Founding Fathers who would you want to meet. What questions would you ask?

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Suzan Hawaii
02/11/19 10:54 pm

John Marshall The first chief supreme court justice of the United States

mbushway62 New England
02/11/19 6:05 pm

Being from the Boston area, I've always been fond of John Adams.
The HBO series was very well done.

catpillow Florida West Coast
02/11/19 3:51 pm

Ben Franklin. I’d just let him talk. He’s a fascinating character.

Ferganam Behind You
02/11/19 8:31 am

Jefferson, to get his macaroni and cheese recipe

RussianThunder Russia and USA
02/11/19 8:11 am

Jefferson or Franklin

02/11/19 6:55 am

George Washington or Ben Franklin

02/11/19 12:40 am

I'm gonna convince Hamilton to launch a coup against Adams and install himself as America's monarch.

snagglepuss Story Time
02/10/19 11:42 pm

George Washington

I’d ask him about his thoughts on two party partisanship.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
02/10/19 10:50 pm

T J. It is very hard to choose. Abigail Adams was an amazing woman. I’m a descendent of Martha Washington so I would love to meet her too.

chinito Florida
02/10/19 10:31 pm

Excellent program. Have you seen Turn?

chinito Florida
02/11/19 5:47 am

You should check it out. It’s about Washing’s spies. The Culper Spy Ring.

conman1776 Utah
02/10/19 9:57 pm

James Madison he was very influential with the constitution and new most of the founding fathers really well. I would ask what the biggest mistake America has done and what is America needs to do to succeed as a nation and how to unite.

4boot LaTrineodeur, MN
02/10/19 9:11 pm

George Washington...just to shake his hand and say thanks.

susanr Colorado
02/10/19 8:51 pm

TJ. I don’t really know what I’d ask, but I’d kinda like to pick his brain a bit about the importance (or not) of religion, especially one single religion, to the FFs. I know some of his thoughts because he wrote about it a little but I want to know more.

imanag My heaven on Earth
02/10/19 8:43 pm

I’d want to meet Thomas Jefferson. I’d love to talk about books and what he found inspirational or thought provoking.