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PB246new February 10th, 2019 11:33am

What style have you decorated your home? Does your home reflect your personality? What do you love about your home? What are some of your favorite things in your home?

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JamesAndersonMD La Jolla, CA
02/10/19 3:52 pm

Just bought my primary home in La Jolla last June or so. We were looking for 4,500+ square feet, 4+ bedrooms, and 4+ bathrooms, and we found the perfect house and more. There are a lot of things I love about it... being a 5 minute drive from the beach, the wonderful outdoor space w/ a pool, the kitchen, and the master suite... it’s a great house, and my family has loved every second inside it. Hopefully this is our forever home, but we’ll probably downsize eventually, and buy something closer to the ocean or even on the ocean.

02/10/19 2:24 pm

My home is filled with antique furniture that has been in the family back to 1765. It is homey and comforting to know it has been used by family for so long. And, I have a professional modern kitchen with a Wolf stove. :)

leilu SoCal
02/10/19 12:17 pm

My style is warm and comfortable while being minimalistic. We decorate with special items from our travels. Our style is a blend between industrial, contemporary, and cozy. Maps, leather, old books, wood, weathered.

jmw7477 Indiana
02/10/19 11:24 am

I’m slowly working on it. We just bought this house about 2 1/2 years ago.

snagglepuss Story Time
02/10/19 10:18 am

My home is decorated very simply. My favorite things are our three sectional couch, walk in closet and that the bedrooms are down the hall from the living room and kitchen.

cpaswr just say the letters
02/10/19 9:13 am

Our home is decorated simply and is still a work in progress.

We love our home. When we were looking for a new house, we wanted something that we could live in for the rest of our lives.

We were looking for a typical suburban home that was 2000-3000 sq ft on about 1/4 acre. When we were looking, there weren’t many homes that “spoke” to us. We had our wish list of items as well that I won’t get into.


cpaswr just say the letters
02/10/19 9:18 am

We did a tour of the town we live and saw 8 houses. 2 that we liked. We were planning on doing second looks when I noticed that our agent sent us a listing for a different home in the same town. I emailed our agent telling him that we want to see that house when we do our second looks.

We did our second looks of the other 2 houses and saw things that disqualified them. We saw this house and didn’t notice anything wrong. It was a 43 year old 2 story house with a basement. It was on almost 2/3 of an acre and was 2800 sq ft. We were expecting to see settling cracks in the walls and other imperfections. We didn’t see any of that.


cpaswr just say the letters
02/10/19 9:26 am

The only thing that was a question for us was that the house had a well for water and a septic system which we didn’t know anything about. The back of the property bordered a creek. We had concerns about flooding as well.

We let our realtor know our concerns. He forwarded those to the selling agent. The owner offered to take us on a complete tour of the house to explain everything.

We asked my FIL to come up for the day and do the tour with us. His role was to be our devil’s advocate and give us reasons to not buy this house. The owner gave us the entire tour and explained everything. Once we were done, we went to a nearby Starbucks to discuss it. My FIL couldn’t give us a reason to not buy it.


cpaswr just say the letters
02/10/19 9:27 am

We have been here for 2.5 years and we have not had one iota of buyer’s remorse.

02/10/19 6:56 am


CrazDab Florida
02/10/19 6:24 am

I have some awesome Disney paintings. My favorite is the pleasure island Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket on a pool table. I have lots of Brito’s paintings too. Disney editions of course. I love his colors. I have an aunt who is an artist. I have a few of her paintings as well. She even painted me and a friend into the haunted mansion. Its really cool. It’s a favorite. I have some ship pictures and paintings too. I’m a certified sailor. And I’m in FL. So it works pretty well. Even have the black pearl from pirates of the Caribbean. And I have a black and white collection of Marilynn Monroe, James dean, Jacob Dylan. They are huge. Kinda like poster size. Have a few other black and white pictures of my favorite music artists too. John Mayer, RAC, Speak, AJR, New Radicals, Dogs Eve View, ect.

CrazDab Florida
02/10/19 6:25 am

Music is a big part of my house. I have speakers in every room that can be controlled individually. Beach bar radio from pandora plays often. It sounds good out at the pool too. I like lights and lighting as well. So I have cool lighting effects all over the house. Inside and outside. I have the pool lit nicely too. It’s kinda a fun entertaining house. The house has personality. The original owners did a lot of extra things to it. There’s round walls and round features all over. Even have round port hole mirrors all around. It’s a really cute Florida house. I love it. But it does suck up all my time and money keeping it up.

02/10/19 5:26 am


anniepoops fear the deer
02/10/19 5:20 am

If I had one, I’d do midcentury modern.