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PamGH February 9th, 2019 10:45pm

So I want a pro-choice/20 week limit. — Legalize all drugs —. National debt control. — Pro criminal justice reform. — Anti death penalty. — Smaller government. — Who should I support in 2020?

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jfish82285 Tennessean in Colorado
02/11/19 6:55 pm

Are you wanting to stay within one of the two major parties?

happylittletree utilize local libraries
02/10/19 3:22 pm

Just curious, is there anyone you’re remotely interested in?

bower8899 ...
02/10/19 12:16 am

William Weld probably

02/09/19 8:45 pm

You are all over the place, I can tell you that much.

PamGH Washington
02/09/19 9:41 pm

Ya, I kinda know that. Libertarian is my best choice, but if I need to I will vote for a dem or a GOP.

PhxLibertarian Republic of Dave
02/09/19 5:24 pm

Perhaps satan? Not sure who else is cool with killing the innocent but sparing the guilty.

PamGH Washington
02/09/19 9:45 pm

I do not advocate sparing the guilty. A great deal of my posts have to do with wrongful convictions. And just curious: doesn’t bother you that we are 5% of the worlds population, but house 25% of its prisoners? We lead the way in mass incarceration topping countries such as China, Russia, Iran, etc.

PhxLibertarian Republic of Dave
02/10/19 8:55 am

Anti death penalty is sparing the guilty.

We spend more on law enforcement so it is more effective and we don't let people buy their way out of crimes. It makes sense that we would gave more prisoners. In addition we have cushy prisons with long sentences. Some other countries use shorter sentences with brutal conditions. With equal convictions the us population would be larger.

PamGH Washington
02/10/19 10:44 am

Ever heard of the show 60 Days In? Not only should you watch it, you should volunteer!

PhxLibertarian Republic of Dave
02/10/19 11:42 am

Ever seen locked up abroad?... completely different situation.

Casper Deep inthe Heart ofTexas
02/09/19 4:31 pm

Probably Rand Paul.

Definitely no democrat.

RussianThunder Russia and USA
02/09/19 4:05 pm

No to legalizing all drugs. I don’t think cocaine should be legalized.

htcbump Florida
02/09/19 9:24 pm

Any there are many prescription drugs that would kill some people. Non-starter.

PamGH Washington
02/09/19 9:46 pm

It’s a free country, or it should be. Freedom to make both good and bad choices. No victim=no crime IMHO

kscott516 Masks fail
02/09/19 4:01 pm

I don’t think any candidate comes close to that.

ctskapski x
02/09/19 3:46 pm

No clue, but lemme know who you decide. I'm curious.

PamGH Washington
02/09/19 3:45 pm

John Stossel?