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Celadonne February 9th, 2019 10:03pm

I'm thinking of offering a service to retired grandparents who watch their grandtoddlers daily while their kids work. I'd babysit once a week so they can enjoy their retirement. Comment on a price point for one 8-hour day.

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cpaswr just say the letters
02/10/19 9:45 am

Are you only going to do one kid at a time? Or, are you going to look after more than one kid at the same time?

This would affect your pricing.

02/10/19 7:29 am

I have no idea what your price point should be, but I hope it would be high enough to cover your expenses.

I think that is a wonderful idea and I'm sure many people will greatly appreciate it.

snagglepuss Story Time
02/10/19 3:47 am

According to the national average is $13.44 an hour. Higher in San Francisco where it’s $16.65.

UniversePlan Michigan
02/09/19 8:47 pm

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Celadonne ballfield
02/09/19 10:23 pm

right. but I want a variety of kids and settings so I don't get bored.