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Odysseus February 9th, 2019 7:53pm

Do you have multiple personae based on where you are such as home, work, business trips, date night, love making etc.or are you pretty consistent?

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TheMadScientist the mad laboratory
02/10/19 9:01 am

I can barely keep myself together enough to be me, let alone someone else!

02/10/19 7:34 am

Yes, The most obvious one to me is how I deal with conflict. In a work setting, it doesn't bother me one bit and I do my best to resolve it. At home, conflict is very difficult to deal with and I tend to shut down or try to avoid it.

Cooper831 Wisconsin
02/09/19 8:57 pm

I've found that I used to change depending on where I was or who I was with but in recent years I've become more consistent, which I find ideal.

Runescape Arizona
02/09/19 8:23 pm

I'm very different at work I'm more nice haha

Krystina Let Freedom Reign
02/09/19 7:50 pm

I changed my answer multiple times. This is a tough question. I’m always the same me, but behaviors are definitely different depending on the crowd, especially where I’m alternative lifestyle.

02/09/19 7:01 pm

I’ve got to be a lot of different people for a lot of different people:

tractorman Oklahoma
02/09/19 3:41 pm

All those who answered “consistent” ought’ to re-examine themselves. We all keep faces by the door for different situations no matter who we are...

Kay41 the Midwest
02/09/19 2:44 pm

I'm the same basic me except with varying degrees of how silly, funny, and personal I am based on who I'm with.