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pollman00 February 8th, 2019 9:56pm

The cost of AOC’s green new deal is estimated to be 6.6 trillion a year without accounting for cost overruns. Could we find a way to pay for this?

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02/09/19 8:46 am

A bit off topic, but why does cost only matter for Democratic ideas? Republicans are just as guilty of adding to the debt yet their ideas escape the cost question much more often.

02/10/19 9:54 pm

Yeah republicans spend a lot on the military and it’s a problem. I’m not ignoring that. But the cost of military spending is dwarfed by the cost of AOC’s proposals. Universal healthcare and UBI are expected to cost 3.2 tril and 3.8 tril respectively while defense spending is currently 686 billion. On top of this there is the cost of replacing infratructure of every building, a federal jobs program, and a high speed railway. To compare the two is absurd.

4boot LaTrineodeur, MN
02/09/19 12:31 am

The serious attention this little airhead ditz is getting is one of the more bizarre things I’ve seen.

HtheC South Florida
02/08/19 7:45 pm

Lol we can't even pay the debt we have today...I'll be honest I didn't know a lot about AOC and thought it was right wing scare tactics at play again but last night I spend some time watching her interviews and reading about the heck did she ever get elected? Personally I think she puts a bad name to all millennials and honestly don't think she'll last before self exploding.

zimmy Florida
02/08/19 3:31 pm

Is only right wing media, actually talking about this, because I have seen it know where but SOH?

jarod California
02/08/19 4:00 pm

Bloomberg. I posted a pic poll of it