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voc February 8th, 2019 3:44am

Women: I was just told that I have no idea how scary it is to be a woman because of everything that could happen to them. Is this true? Is it scary being a woman?

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jmw7477 Indiana
02/08/19 3:27 pm

No. I’ve never been harassed, assaulted, or feared for my safety.

Kay41 the Midwest
02/08/19 2:47 pm

Overall, no. It's only scary when I need to be somewhere alone and it's isolated or dark out.

think4yourself Not a safe space
02/08/19 9:09 am

78% of murder victims are men so personal safety should be a concern for everyone. That being said, way more people should train in self defense.

CMChristian gone
02/08/19 7:17 am

As a man I can confirm no. 😂🇮🇹

02/08/19 5:57 am

Life can be scary for everyone but we all need to be aware. Men face danger too. If you are afraid to go out b/c you're a woman you are letting that fear control you and you need to seek professional help. Agoraphobia is a teal thing and needs to be treated.

02/08/19 5:41 am

I don’t leave the house in fear for my life. I understand that there are things people tell me I should be concerned about such as traveling alone at night. Otherwise, I don’t really pay any mind and go about my day.

Robert01 existentialist
02/08/19 5:37 am

Here in the states ?
No, I think the gender roles come into play and women are just more vocal about what they're uncomfortable about, and Men take care of what makes them uncomfortable.

snagglepuss Story Time
02/08/19 12:32 am

There have been times in my life that I’ve been scared but I live in a small rural community and my neighbors are friendly. Most of the time I’m safe.

Krystina Let Freedom Reign
02/07/19 10:50 pm

In most of the US? No. In countries where actual sexism and rampant misogyny exist and a woman can be punished for being raped? I’m going with yes, very likely.

02/08/19 5:14 am

I agree.

Jade73 I Love Animals
02/07/19 10:48 pm

If you've ever had a strange man Leer at you in public, not blinking, no emotion. Yes. If you've ever walked down a grocery store aisle and had a 6'4 man ram his cart into your side, while you double over in pain while he barks "you were in my way" then, yes. And yet I still go on with my life.

02/07/19 10:17 pm

I’ve always tried to be aware of my surroundings and not do stupid unnecessary things. When I was young and pretty, I made a conscious decision to live my life and not allow mean people to keep me from doing what I wanted and needed to do. As a former teacher, I love the expression, “You can’t scare me. I’m a teacher.” I’ve found that even when you’re afraid, it’s best to project no fear if possible. I think there are people who feed off others’ fear. It has worked for me thus far. Having a handgun nearby makes me feel better as well—the great equalizer.
I feel fortunate to have never had a relationship so bad that I was afraid or felt that I couldn’t walk away and end it should I choose to do so. And I have chosen to do so.
My maternal ancestors were not weak or whiny people. They were great examples of strong women who could deal with life.

ovcourse California
02/07/19 9:59 pm

My wife, 4’11 and 95 pounds, said “no”.

paranoidandroid peace love science
02/07/19 9:52 pm

Some situations are scary but you ultimately need to make smart decisions and not live in fear.

In my experience as a petite woman, the scary part is that once a situation starts there’s often not much you can do to stop it, fighting back can make it worse and you can be injured solely when trying to run. Plus date rape, abuse, etc are at the hands of someone you likely thought you could trust.

chickencookie Jihad Joe
02/07/19 9:41 pm

I think we live in a scary world. I don’t feel as safe as I used to going anywhere and I live in a good neighborhood. Having said that there are certain places I wouldn’t go like Mexico and I don’t feel comfortable walking around late at night.

shygal47 Florida east coast
02/07/19 9:25 pm

There are times/places that can be scary. Being female (even tho I am older) I am always aware of what and who is around me. Maybe it’s just me since I was a rape victim when I was younger, but there have been times when I’ve been very wary.
Cautiousness is always a good tool.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
02/07/19 9:17 pm

Especially as you advance in life. Imagine being 5” 1’.

Wert A picture of my junk
02/07/19 9:08 pm

If I woke up tomorrow as a woman, you bet I’d scared. How does something like that even happen???

02/08/19 5:45 am

You couldn’t post your junk anymore.

CoffeeNow Powderpuff Leftist
02/08/19 7:29 am

Yes he can. It’s 2019...there are ways

Wert A picture of my junk
02/08/19 8:12 am

My junk is just taking a short break.

lcamino Florida and Georgia
02/07/19 8:59 pm

As someone who was almost raped, it felt very helpless to be physically overpowered. It makes sense to be cautious and aware, but not to always be scared.

voc I am...what I am
02/07/19 9:00 pm

As someone who’s never been raped it makes sense to be cautious and aware.

Sorry that happened to you.

Cooper831 Wisconsin
02/07/19 8:46 pm

No. And if it's scary, you should probably move. Or dont walk around late at night.

voc I am...what I am
02/07/19 8:57 pm

We live in one of the safest cities in America. In the summer, I ride my bike all over town at all hours of the day and night, and I’ve never had any issues.

BriDads Stop Getting Offended
02/07/19 9:34 pm

Shit I think I commented on the wrong post

RussianThunder Russia and USA
02/11/19 9:47 am

Geez Bri, you should have just said “ummm, the memories you are making riding your bicycle around at night”. Just go lol 😂😂😂

voc I am...what I am
02/07/19 8:45 pm

This does relate to my sex trafficking question