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mtdewbob February 7th, 2019 5:45pm

Where’s the outrage from the Democrat Party as it was against Kavanaugh? 😳 Virginia’s Governor Northam “blackface/KKK photos”; Lieutenant Governor Fairfax “sexual assault allegations”; Attorney General Herring “blackface party-time”, Crickets🦗🦗🦗

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ladyniner81 no hope for humanity
02/12/19 7:05 am

Democrats are calling for him to resign dumbass. Get your fingers out of your ears

omniku dot com
02/09/19 1:23 pm

Are you kidding? All I hear from Democrats is that Northam needs to resign.

gameplayer2014 Constipated Clefable
02/08/19 10:28 pm

Historically the democrats have been pushing for racist Jim Crow laws and segregation. Hell the south split because the democrats wanted to keep slavery. Not only that I feel as if liberals are all nonces. Just look at SJW propaganda kids shows. Most of the hosts look like a bunch of cliche looking kiddie fiddlers.

ArrowFodder ohio
02/07/19 1:10 pm

Don’t expect fairness . It’s never been about concern over actual racism. It’s always been about power.