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USArmyVet February 7th, 2019 3:13am

If a moderate party formed in America as a response to the extreme positions of the two current parties, would you consider joining it?

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02/07/19 8:26 pm

The people who answer yes and aren't already in one of the many "third parties" are lying.

apparition Tacoma
02/07/19 4:04 pm

Not 1 but 2, Libertarians and the Green Party.

GeezerGolf Show us your papers
02/07/19 7:47 am

Wanting politicians & government to follow the Constitution is not extreme. Wanting freedom from government elite interference in our lives is not extreme.
It has only begun to look that way since the radical shift Left in our culture & politics.

02/07/19 7:26 am

“Moderate” seems to be a very weird and horrible frame of thinking nowadays. We tend to get caught up in how right the overton window is nowadays and dont realize anyone presenting any new ideas outside of those accepted are said to be radical. For example the idea of a 70% marginal tax isnt a radical idea. For decades it was the norm for it to be 90. So this idea that a “moderate” will make the country better is kind of funny imo

02/07/19 7:31 pm

It would allow room for more discussions on topics rather than straight up saying no because the idea was presented by a democrat/republican.

02/07/19 7:05 am

What is extreme about the Republican Party. They seem pretty center to me.

02/07/19 7:31 pm

They spend too much money lol

Odysseus We All Need A Fantasy
02/07/19 3:33 am

No, not joining but possibly voting for them.
The problem is that moderate candidates usually draw voters mostly from either the Right or the Left and not equally from both.
If they draw most of their voters from only one political spectrum, they assure the other side of victory.

02/07/19 6:48 am

I agree with your assessment, but I keep holding out hope that someone with a middle ground platform will win eventually.

Ferganam Behind You
02/07/19 3:27 am

Not required to declare party allegiance in SC

xxxceo Nationalist
02/07/19 2:52 am

No, I rather enjoy being far right.

Krystina Let Freedom Reign
02/06/19 11:32 pm

Not at the moment. At the moment, I’m not for either party. But, I’m definitely pro-Trump. I like the majority of what he’s done and the results, especially on the economic end. I’m enjoying having a businessman rather than an ideologue in the WH.

thedman Free Kyle Rittenhouse
02/06/19 11:01 pm

I don’t see the Republican Party as very extreme. If anything they’re too establishment and could use a dose of libertarianism

orgblu10 Shamerica
02/06/19 9:21 pm

No, as a conservative independent I doubt it would reflect my views. It seems moderates do more waffling and compromising that standing on principle. I'd soon be as disgusted with them as with the current parties.

thedman Free Kyle Rittenhouse
02/06/19 11:04 pm

I totally get it. People use the word moderate like it makes them sound more appealing but if I elected someone I would want a dead set constitutionalist, not a “moderate” who “totally believes in the second amendment but thinks there should be some reasonable restrictions”

Squidboy Snarkapottamus
02/06/19 9:18 pm

Create a fiscally responsible, socially tolerant, agnostic party that believed in science....I’m in.

thedman Free Kyle Rittenhouse
02/06/19 11:05 pm

What if they’re so tolerant they’re even tolerant of the far right

Squidboy Snarkapottamus
02/07/19 5:36 am

If there are groups of people plotting violence against Americans....then law enforcement needs to deal with them. That’s a whole other rant....but there is no reason to tolerate hate and violence...or Nazis.

thedman Free Kyle Rittenhouse
02/07/19 6:03 pm

Well you slipped an “or Nazis” in there at the end along with hate. I agree we shouldn’t tolerate violence, we shouldn’t tolerate any crimes. But hatred? That’s not a crime. Some strange adherence to a political party that died 70 years ago... while stupid, is still not a crime. I’m not saying it should be socially tolerated, but I don’t see what role a government would play in tolerance, they only create and enforce laws.

LeftLibertarian The Age of Outrage
02/06/19 9:10 pm

I’d laugh at it for thinking the Democratic Party is extreme while also thinking putting itself between the two parties would make it moderate in any sense.

thedman Free Kyle Rittenhouse
02/06/19 11:05 pm

Nah socialism totally isn’t extreme

LeftLibertarian The Age of Outrage
02/06/19 11:10 pm

I’m talking about the two obviously capitalist political parties in the US so that is not relevant, but there are quite clearly non extreme socialist tendencies out there, like market socialism and social democracy in the original sense of the term (not the newer Nordic model sense advocated by a few Democrats, which is the closest thing the two parties have to an actually moderate position when you consider the full extent of the political spectrum).

ScenarioNations California
02/06/19 9:03 pm

Depends..? I mean there's nothing enlightened about centrists soo

BriDads Stop Getting Offended
02/06/19 8:32 pm

This is just me and my perception over the past 10 years, but I don’t see a great change in republican views from 2006 to 2019... That just might be me being naive, but Republicans have always been pro-life, for tax cuts, and for capitalism.

Illegal Immigration should not be a political issue due to the fact that it’s against the law and should not be tolerated.

But overall, none of these have skyrocketed into the radical state compared to the individuals supporting 70-90% marginal tax rates that has invaded the Democratic Party and want to get rid of private insurance companies and want the government to run the healthcare system. And yes, I know my interpretations are biased, but for me, the left has become very radical while the right has been painted as radical hasn’t really gone to the fascism level at least speaking in policy.

USArmyVet Texas
02/06/19 8:43 pm

I was a Republican delegate, but due to radical changes like pushing for privatization of public education, unfunded mandates, and being hateful not only of the left, but of moderates in their own party, I no longer call myself one. I am a homeless conservative.