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acavemand March 28th, 2013 4:45pm

The Miami Heat's 27-game win streak came to an end last night against the Bulls. Reaction?

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veritas1 Panda
03/28/13 10:05 am

Fvck ya! That was awesome. Watched it live. Deng is a beast.

acavemand The Burgh
03/28/13 10:42 am

Nate Robinson was tearing it up at the beginning there too. I'm a Heat fan and wanted them to win but that was a good game anyways.

veritas1 Panda
03/28/13 10:59 am

Great playoff match-up. Can't wait.

Especially considering its unlikely we'll make the playoffs this year :(

acavemand The Burgh
03/28/13 11:46 am

Who's "we?" I'm assuming you're not talking about the Spurs so are you a Rockets or Mavericks fan? Or someone else not in Texas?

acavemand The Burgh
03/28/13 11:57 am

Oh hey I just saw your location. So yeah Mavs...

veritas1 Panda
03/28/13 12:03 pm

My bad. Should have clarified. But it's been a long fall from 2011.

This year is Miami's championship to lose. The James-Wade-Bosh-Battier-Allen unit is unstoppable.