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GARYJ February 5th, 2019 8:46pm

Conservatives like to say they’re not easily triggered but then get upset by a kneeling football player and a razor ad.

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02/06/19 10:50 pm

Which conservatives said that they aren’t easily “triggered”?

02/05/19 5:29 pm

Your polls serve as a great counter to mtdewbob :)

cpaswr just say the letters
02/05/19 5:53 pm

And written in a similar style.

John1 Florida
02/05/19 3:09 pm

Yeah, kneeling in blatant disregard for this great nation, it’s freedoms and the people who’ve fought and died for those ass holes, who make millions of dollars to play a stupid game, really triggers me.

John1 Florida
02/05/19 3:15 pm

I often think about the things America has abolished. Slavery, fascism and communism in Europe, etc. We have liberated this world in so many ways and have established functioning and free democracies around the globe and that’s what those people are protesting essentially.

We haven’t always gotten it right, and we certainly have our sinful past, but we have redeemed ourselves tenfold. It’s just upsetting to see Americans, who are so successful because of American principles, disrespect the nation. We have certainly done the most good, or have had the best intentions to do the most good, than any other nation in history.

Ovix Christian Fascist
02/05/19 2:56 pm

Yes. American Patriotism is absolutely ridiculous, and I cannot support this country.

Ovix Christian Fascist
02/05/19 3:54 pm

Because there is nowhere for me to go. Currently, I’m trying to save enough money for me to live off the grid, somewhere. But that won’t be for a long while.

mitchman399 Oregon
02/05/19 2:24 pm

People like to be upset about stuff. There's people on the left and the right guilty of this.