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GARYJ February 5th, 2019 3:56am

Should blue states and red states split and become two separate countries or should we stick together?

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sea California
02/05/19 1:26 pm

The solution is to shrink the federal government and give power back to the states.

Ovix Christian Fascist
02/05/19 9:32 am

Absolutely? If we disunited ourselves, we’d both get our way in our nations. There would be less bickering over socialism, fascism, anarchism, etc. We could actually live, how we believe we should live.

PrinceOberyn Reduce Reuse Reanimate
02/05/19 2:42 am

The secession of any state should be met with occupation and repression. Treason is no viable option for our future.

Radon Parts Unknown
02/04/19 9:23 pm

We should let California secede from the union. Let all the leftists move there to their paradise where they can run wild.

And never let them come back.

GARYJ Libertarian
02/04/19 9:47 pm

I think the entire west coast and northeast should secede.

mitchman399 Oregon
02/04/19 10:19 pm

I kinda get why you feel like that, but America has always been a nation that disagrees with each other. That's part of what makes us great. The ability for a bunch of people who straight up don't like each other to come together for a common goal. That being said, we've gotten pretty bad at that lately.

Radon Parts Unknown
02/05/19 12:12 am

I just want them to try out all the stuff they want to force on me. Call it a beta test.

Only condition is that they can't come back when they all start to starve.

think4yourself Not a safe space
02/05/19 3:15 am

It would be great not being forced to pay for the left’s bad personal choices.

mitchman399 Oregon
02/05/19 11:05 am

To be fair it's usually blue states that pay for issues the red states have, but I get not wanting to pay taxes towards something you disagree with.

think4yourself Not a safe space
02/05/19 12:20 pm

That’s that true Mitch. The stats you guys like to quote include farms, military bases, and federal land management, none of which are welfare. Look at actual social problems and liberal places like California have 1/3 of welfare recipients and 1/4 of the US homeless populations.

Robert01 existentialist
02/23/19 9:31 pm

I'm on the west coast why don't you just move South to California and let California leave we don't want you or California.