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oOrangeMan February 4th, 2019 3:41am

Who's more violent, The left or the right?

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american6 Moderate Libertarian
02/04/19 6:27 pm

I’d say it depends on how you measure it. The right has more deaths, but acts of violence like assaults and rioting are far more prominent on the left. I’d say the average leftist is more violent than the average conservative.

02/04/19 6:42 am

When you talk about everyday violance from threats punching people being aggressive it is the left almost every day. If you talk about every once in a while big things then maybe the right but then again. We all have no proof apart from what the media wants to show and tell us.

UniversePlan Michigan
02/04/19 6:00 am

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Robert01 existentialist
02/04/19 6:09 am

The right? Or fringe groups of the right like.. idk ... the alt right sure... but when has the right advocates violance?

zimmy Florida
02/04/19 6:39 am

Robert- but that violence is from the right! I could say the same about left wing fringe groups!

Robert01 existentialist
02/04/19 6:43 am

But the left wing has called for violence, when has the right?

Robert01 existentialist
02/04/19 6:57 am

Zimmy- why do you consider the alt-right the same as or part of the right?

UniversePlan Michigan
02/04/19 7:32 am

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Robert01 existentialist
02/04/19 7:53 am

Yes I'd agree.

How every the right hasn't blown up building or mass shootings.

I think your confusing calls to violence, with individuals committing crimes.

zimmy Florida
02/04/19 8:58 am

OKC bombing, Charlottesville, MAGABOMBER could have easily killed many. Malita threatened to kill US Federal officers on more than one occasion, don’t try to excuse these things.

Robert01 existentialist
02/04/19 10:01 am

You have listed out individuals whom aline with the right, not the right it self.

I am correct you are mistaken.

Robert01 existentialist
02/04/19 10:03 am

I'm not excusing the action taken.

They simply are not the same as a political official calling for violence.
This are individual or individual groups of people how have acted in violence.

zimmy Florida
02/04/19 10:06 am

Robert is not the poll question who is more violent the Right or the Left? I have given you examples where the Right has been absolutely more violent, OKC being the worst, and 2nd greatest terrorist act in US history. You may move your goal post as you wish, but the question is clearly a general one.

Robert01 existentialist
02/04/19 10:09 am

The alt right- should be chopped up to be part of the right.

The question I think that you would prefer is
Which party has more history of violent people?

I the right hasn't called for violence in a long while, have they had violent people? Sure. Does a Republican causing violence speak for the right? Nope.

zimmy Florida
02/04/19 10:36 am

But your answering an entirely different question. The right wingers n modern American history has been more violent, killed more people, and destroyed more buildings. Those are just the facts. Make a different poll question and we might have a different conversation.

Robert01 existentialist
02/04/19 10:39 am

Lone Wolf individuals acting by themselves on their own accord that just happened to be Republicans don't represent the Republican Party.

zimmy Florida
02/04/19 10:42 am

And either soon lone wolfs or a bunch of loons on the Democratic side.

zimmy Florida
02/04/19 5:26 am

The right! From Oklahoma City bombing, to Charlottesville to the MAGABOMBER, list goes on and on......

snagglepuss Story Time
02/04/19 4:35 am

Right-Wing violence is far more common.

John1 Florida
02/03/19 10:36 pm

Remember the rioting, protesting and looting by Republicans after Obama was elected...?

Oh wait, that was the Democrat leftists after Trump defeated Hillary.

oOrangeMan Massachusetts
02/03/19 9:48 pm

Riots if Ferguson Missouri

Riots in Baltimore

Charlotte North Carolina

5 cops killed in dallis, Obama was saying a lot of anti police comments.

Dems say to kick people.

Maxine Waters said to confront people in public places

Bernie said GOP will kill millions of people with their healthcare plan.

the Democrats said a vast swath of the tea party were terrorists.

Tucker carlson hurassed at his house by a left wing protest group.

Yah, the right is HORRIBLE

raidadave Washington
02/03/19 9:55 pm

Lol. Did I hit a nerve? I posted a link to actual research. Those aren't alternate facts....LMAO!!

oOrangeMan Massachusetts
02/03/19 10:00 pm

No, not at all. I'm just proving you. ☺

oOrangeMan Massachusetts
02/03/19 10:02 pm

I posted actual videos that you refuse to watch.

raidadave Washington
02/03/19 10:04 pm

You only posted propaganda videos.

oOrangeMan Massachusetts
02/03/19 10:09 pm

Google articles from left wing websites with no videos on them. Nice job bro! 👌🏻 I looked at all of them btw. Now go find videos or something with concrete evidence. It's 12am here so have a nice night! ♥

raidadave Washington
02/03/19 10:12 pm

It was all concrete. But I guess that you can't get bogged down by facts.

LeftLibertarian The Age of Outrage
02/03/19 9:09 pm

Well halves of the political spectrum don’t carry out action on their own, so instead let’s look at the historical usages of violence and material conditions to significant left and right wing political organizations.

So this essentially dpends on what political spectrum one operates on, if it’s the actual one it would evidently be the right as they have the greater access to the use of violence, the vast majority of sovereign states in the world are right wing, as are the most militarily advanced ones (this is not a smear of the right wing, if you were to swap the conditions the opposite would follow). Of course by the common usage here, the “left” comprises around 90% of the political spectrum, so by that notion it would surely be the left.

BriDads Stop Getting Offended
02/03/19 8:57 pm

If you don’t count the klan which you shouldn’t, the left is... but they also have ties to the KKK as well...

oOrangeMan Massachusetts
02/03/19 9:08 pm

The left is extremely anti-Semitic.

BriDads Stop Getting Offended
02/03/19 9:10 pm

*cough cough* Ilhan Omar...

oOrangeMan Massachusetts
02/03/19 9:15 pm

Jessy Jackson
AL Sharpton
Luis farakon

oOrangeMan Massachusetts
02/03/19 9:17 pm

All are OPEN anti-semites, they don't even try to hide it.

kscott516 Revelation 5 6
02/03/19 9:30 pm

The Democrats started the KKK

zimmy Florida
02/04/19 5:28 am

Kscott- and what year was that? Who does the KKK support in modern times? 🙄🤔

kscott516 Revelation 5 6
02/04/19 8:11 am

The Democrats are still the party of the KKK. They just changed how they manage the black community. Now they tell them they can’t get ahead on their own (votes), provide welfare (financial control), and push abortion (genocide), all done legally.

oOrangeMan Massachusetts
02/04/19 8:38 am

Democrats don't use black people to farm cotton anymore, they use them to farm votes.

zimmy Florida
02/04/19 8:50 am

- so now Blacks are stupid and can’t thinknfor themselves? And you wonder why they vote Democrat 🙄

zimmy Florida
02/04/19 8:51 am

Right- same so now you think Blacks are stupid 🙄damn no wonder the KKK supports Trump!

kscott516 Revelation 5 6
02/04/19 8:55 am

Don’t put words in my mouth. The Democrats do a great job of convincing the black community that whites are to blame for their problems. It’s easier to blame someone else for your woes than to take responsibility for yourself. They’re not stupid, but many take the easy route to victimhood.

zimmy Florida
02/04/19 10:00 am

Yet you really think they are stupid. Wow! 80% of African Americans voters lie to play victims and can’t think for themselves, wow! Just wow! 🙄🙄🙄