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ultra2k February 3rd, 2019 5:51am

Do you think you should be able to have an “abortion” at nine months?

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02/03/19 10:32 am

I should be able to have an abortion any time I want. I refuse to have a foreign body growing inside of me. Especially after watching the “Alien” movies.

Ebola007 Florida
02/03/19 3:44 am

Definitely not. There is no medical indication for a late term abortion. I think liberals will suffer for their rush to embrace such barbarism.

TheMusicMan Solidarity Forever
02/02/19 11:42 pm

If it's life-threatening - like all the legislation that's currently being fear-mongered is addressing - then yes, but it's ultimately up to the woman considering it. Literally no one else can make that call nor should they try to force women to carry to term if their life is in danger. Abortion at that point is NOT the alleged infanticide, abortions at that point are almost always the result of a life or death situation.

P777 Online
02/03/19 12:21 am

Name one scenario in which an abortion at 9 months would in ANY way be medically necessary for the mother. Emergency delivery, yes - those are much quicker than abortion and may save both mother and baby. But abortion is never necessary at 9 months. It's absurd, if you have any understanding of the subject at all.

TheMusicMan Solidarity Forever
02/03/19 12:44 am

What happens if the fetus - at any point - gets Tangled in the umbilical cord and asphyxiates? Are you gonna carry that dead fetus to term?

What if the mother is in a car accident and the fetus is lost but the mother needs it removed for emergency surgery?

What if there's literally any health complication involving the fetus that would kill the mother if not aborted and removed?

Did you even think before you asked your stupid-ass question?

ultra2k South Carolina
02/04/19 7:02 pm

You realize abortions, are very often aborting live babies? Right?

TheMusicMan Solidarity Forever
02/04/19 7:10 pm

Where's your source for them killing babies and not removing fetuses?

P777 Online
02/04/19 7:59 pm

Those scenarios are tragic but not relevant to this discussion. An abortion is performed for the deliberate purpose of ending a child's life. If the child is already deceased from some other cause, and the lifeless body must be removed from the womb, that is not an abortion. That is not the type of procedure that is currently being debated.