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FLAmerican February 3rd, 2019 3:22am

It is irresponsible for a couple to plan to have children when their financial means would be stretched very thin to the point that accumulating savings would become nearly impossible.

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ladyniner81 extremists are a cancer
02/04/19 9:43 pm

That's what happened to my sister. She was working at Kodak at the time and her husband just got laid off from Kodak and she was trying to get pregnant, but she stopped because they were struggling financially. Well my nephew said SURPRISE!!!

02/03/19 6:56 pm

Everyone I know who has kids including us were stretched thin before kids. And thinner once their kids were born. You can “plan” all you want, but there are some times where it happens when it happens. You suck it up and do your best to work through it to get by. I wanted to be better off financially before we had kids but after 2 losses after trying for years and then having medical debt, loss of jobs and no health insurance, we were at our lowest when our only living child was born. Until you know everyone’s story regarding kids and becoming a parent, don’t jump to conclusions and put people down for not “planning” where most of it is out of our control.

FLAmerican Pensacola
02/03/19 8:42 pm

I wasn't insinuating people were irresponsible. Nor was I referring to wonderful incidents or accidents as being irresponsible either.