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RoyalChris February 2nd, 2019 11:06pm

Do you believe democrats will have a valid message in 2020 or will it be “I’m more liberal than her/him.”

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credo Positive Rights Exist
02/05/19 5:43 pm

Depends on which Democrat you are talking about.

Zach21 California
02/03/19 8:13 am

Orange Man Bad

JamesAndersonMD La Jolla, CA
02/03/19 8:02 am

Honestly, it seems so far that the primary is composed of people trying to outdo each other on their progressive status... not impressed, though I really like Kamala Harris. If Dems keep asserting a 70%+ tax on the wealthy, I may have to reconsider my party affiliation... that’s just lunacy.

LazySteelworker USA
02/03/19 2:34 am

Trump won purely on the premise that he wasn't Clinton. I see no reason why a Democrat can't run and win on the premise that they aren't Trump.

CudOfCow Oregon
02/03/19 1:29 am

I'm not even sure I understand what the democrat party stands for anymore.

thomas12466 Los Angeles
02/02/19 8:17 pm

Democrats support
—killing unborn Americans
—unnatural marriage/relationships
—no country border
—going against the 2nd Amendment

NemoDude Dead, at this point
02/02/19 8:35 pm

What are the parameters of unusual marriage?

thomas12466 Los Angeles
02/02/19 10:20 pm

Marrying a person with the same XY or XX chromosomes as you

suppressedID destiny is right now
02/03/19 4:07 am

I wish these Righties that try to legislate morality would actually try to follow Jesus instead of going Old Testament all the time.

Krystina Let Freedom Reign
02/02/19 8:05 pm

More leftist, progressive, or socialist. The Dem Party is NOT liberal, not anymore. I won’t call them something they are not. They are far more fascist than liberal nowadays.

wmorriso Indiana, US ofA
02/02/19 7:22 pm

More leftist , more progressive, more socialist, more BS, Lies, criminal activity, I.e. more of their standard crap!

orgblu10 Shamerica
02/02/19 5:46 pm

They haven't had a valid message in 40 years.

suppressedID destiny is right now
02/02/19 5:26 pm

I think the message of:
We will stop poisoning the environment
We will stop becoming a Russian vassal state
We will stop subsidizing Trump industries
We will honor our trees
We will defend our allies
We care about ALL Americans
We don’t believe in Nazism
We will stop paving national parks

Those are pretty good slogans

Malekithe The Grand Illusion
02/03/19 7:24 am

Sadly true and through indoctrination at government schools and reinforcement in media and entertainment, more and more sheeple are being developed everyday.

BriDads Stop Getting Offended
02/02/19 5:07 pm

Well if they get some moderate Democrats to run (if they exist anymore), he/she would be a respectable candidate in my opinion, but probable not in the liberal public’s eyes, which is a shame. Media really fucked with the left’s head like look at them. Women are trying to promote equality and reduce sexual violence by showing off their titties. Every radical left protest is a circus of people who act irrational and just plain weird and I see a bunch of little kids there while their parents are like going nude and running around humping trees. And I’m just just asking myself what happened.

I really think they have something psychologically wrong with them and I feel somewhat bad for them because it has become the social norm in most places and they probably will never get help because of the radical liberal concept.

Btw, I’m excluding all the moderate and rational democrats in this statement

02/02/19 5:36 pm

Seems plausible, what’s your recommendation to the DNC if they are committed to beating Trump.