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PamGH February 2nd, 2019 7:59pm

A fed appeals court has found 80yo Charles Ray Finch “actually innocent” of the murder for which he was convicted and sentenced to death in North Carolina 42 years ago. Until we can get it right we need to suspend the death penalty.

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ladyniner81 extremists are a cancer
02/04/19 10:07 am

Nah. There are people who should not be breathing. Like that guy in Colorado who acted all upset and stuff than actually laughed when he was telling them to find his wife and kids, when he killed them and stuffed them in a tank.

02/02/19 9:03 pm

No system of justice is error-free and always sad when mistakes are made. We have the best justice system on this earth and should seldom have to impose a death penalty, but on occasion it is the correct punishment.

PhxLibertarian Phoenix
02/02/19 2:57 pm

By that logic we should also suspend prisons and fines. It is an absurd statement that feels good but defies all logic.

Scrltt64 Ohio
02/02/19 1:22 pm

I can understand how a victim of a horrific crime would wish to take a life in return. In the case of the death penalty, it is a power given to a government to punish. I don't believe any government should be given any power that can't be reversed. They have no power to give life and she be given no power to take it away.

snagglepuss Story Time
02/02/19 1:06 pm

I’m fine with suspending the death penalty permanently.