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WorstGooEver February 1st, 2019 11:36pm

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s yearbook page from medical school shows a picture of a man in a blackface costume standing next to a man in a KKK costume. One of them is presumably him. Should Northam resign?

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02/02/19 5:46 am

Hes a liability tonthe party in the upcoming 20@9 elections

thomas12466 Los Angeles
02/01/19 11:00 pm

He supports abortion in Virginia which is bad

NemoDude Dead, at this point
02/02/19 12:01 pm

Probably not the worst thing about him.

02/01/19 10:23 pm

Honestly if he were in high school id think about this differently. But since he was a grown man at the time i think he should resign. However, i dont like this digging up of old info but at the same time he was dressed in blackface or in a KKK robe. So yeah he should just sit down

jfish82285 Tennessean in Colorado
02/01/19 8:45 pm

I would demand the same of a Republican officeholder.

And I believe that he confirmed it was him.

ronderman North Carolina
02/01/19 7:32 pm

Because of a photo (which may not even be him) that was taken decades ago? Seriously? Should the man in the photo be governor at the time the photo was taken? No.

This is ridiculous.

John1 Florida
02/01/19 7:22 pm

Honestly, no. We are such a sensitive kindergarten country it’s crazy. Insensitive? Yes. It’s comical attempt from 30+ years ago. You have a man dressed as a black guy and another guy dressed as a klans member. They’re trying to be funny. Should this effect his life forever? No. Do I like this guy or agree with his philosophy and politics? No. But if a black dude dressed as a white guy in a mocking manner, he wouldn’t be persecuted.

WorstGooEver Nuke the Hurricanes
02/01/19 8:03 pm

I was fine with your argument until the last sentence. There is no “white costume” that a black person could dress up as that would come close to comparing.

John1 Florida
02/01/19 10:19 pm

Why, though? A black guy could very easily put white paint on his face and it wouldn’t receive as much negativity. Why is that?

WorstGooEver Nuke the Hurricanes
02/02/19 6:38 am

Whiteface is in no way equivalent to blackface. There’s no history of pain and oppression when it comes to whiteface. There is zero pain associated with whiteface. I would think it was weird and in poor taste... but it’s something one could easily brush off.

02/02/19 1:48 pm

I feel kind of icky, but I agree with Goo on this one.

John1 Florida
02/02/19 3:38 pm

There’s no pain or oppression associated with whiteface, but that shouldn’t give an individual a reason to be racist towards another race. If we are going to call racism on someone who has painted their skin to look like another race, then it should be equivalent across the board. To me, that’s like saying it’s okay for a black person to be racist to a whites person because historically, blacks have been targeted and oppressed by whites.

John1 Florida
02/02/19 3:40 pm

And there’s no telling how much “pain” it could cause someone. That’s impossible to gauge. A white person could take extreme offense (not that I would) and it could cause just as much pain to them as blackface would to a black person.

RussianThunder Russia and USA
02/02/19 3:58 pm

Eddie Murphy put on white face and acted as a stereotypical elderly Jewish man in a movie (“Coming to America” I think). That was kind of odd. No one said anything about it.

WorstGooEver Nuke the Hurricanes
02/02/19 4:19 pm

Because it’s not equivalent. Let’s remember that the question is not “is whiteface the greatest?”.

John1 Florida
02/02/19 5:07 pm

You say it is not equivalent but I feel that kind of explanation only opens the making of excuses for black people (who may have never experienced racism) to be racist towards white people (who likely never did anything racist).

My point is this, if it’s not okay to dress up as a black guy, then it shouldn’t be okay to dress up as a white guy. “Making fun of” another race shouldn’t be acceptable in any case.

shygal47 Florida east coast
02/01/19 6:27 pm

Is he the one pictured, or is that just an assumption that someone made?

missmorganmarie ...
02/01/19 6:56 pm

he said he is in the picture

RussianThunder Russia and USA
02/01/19 7:04 pm

If it was a republican, and just his arm was in the picture, he would be the talking point of MSNBC and DNCNN.

Ten degrees of separation would not be enough if it was Trump, Cruz, Graham or Rubio. The left would be screaming for them to resign immediately etc etc.

However, no national democrat seems to have heard of this, oddly. opinion is, it was years ago and medical school. Does that reflect who he is now and is that him in the picture? Was it bad taste to have that on his yearbook page?? Yes! Absolutely! Does that mean he would do it today? No. I don’t think it means he’s a racist.

I find it incredibly sickening that he is apologizing for a photo but not for calling for the allowance of a full term abortion law. That, to me, is what is offensive.

WorstGooEver Nuke the Hurricanes
02/01/19 7:09 pm

I’m not sure where you are getting this information. This is getting wall-to-wall media coverage and he is getting crushed by all sides.

RussianThunder Russia and USA
02/01/19 7:21 pm

Nancy Pelosi knew nothing about it. Cory Booker, knew nothing about it. Elizabeth Warren knew nothing about it. Come on. Are we to take that seriously? Yes, Kamala Harris has asked him to step down.

The question is.......does a picture in very poor taste, reflect ego you are 30+ years later? Does he act racist now? Does he care about minorities now? He was elected now, not 30 years ago. Is one picture now to define him, no matter his political party? Seems harsh.

02/02/19 5:50 am

Warren and Booker have called for his resignation, and Pelosi was only asked abt the abortion comments, which she didnt care abt, and for good reason: that was a made-up controversy, unlike this one.

02/02/19 8:31 am

He was referring only to babies doomed to die soon after birth

shygal47 Florida east coast
02/02/19 9:30 am

News this morning - the VA Gov says it’s him, but he doesn’t remember which role he played (?).
And where did the talk of babies come from? I don’t see one anywhere.
Are we all going to suffer two years of gross pictures and horror stories about abortion from the Right again? It gets so annoying - myob !!
... I’m surprised no one brought up missing emails, Benghazi, or Kenya.
And then we all wonder why there is so much friction in the US ... just myob and let the world turn. In the entire scheme of things, people don’t even qualify to be a pimple on the universe’s butt.

02/02/19 9:33 am

VA dems have already abandoned him and called for resignation, and he said it was him last night.

RussianThunder Russia and USA
02/02/19 3:31 pm

Yesterday, hours after the story broke, a video clip of Nancy had her saying she didn’t know anything about it. Audio clip of Warren said the same thing and I apologize, it was not Corey Booker, it was Matt Schiff saying he knew nothing about it.

02/02/19 3:32 pm

Probably didnt know anything abt it. She has now called for his resignation

RussianThunder Russia and USA
02/02/19 3:44 pm

That was all he referred to but in fact, this all stems from Fairfax Representative Kathy Tran simply wanting all restrictions lifted on third trimester abortions, including to and right up to delivery. Governor Northam supported it. Northam may be approaching it in a neurological pediatric physician kind of way but the bill was not.
The number of people who support abortions right up until the moment of birth or even moments afterwards, is frightening.


02/02/19 4:01 pm

Thats not true. Under current law in Virginia, third-trimester abortions are permitted when a woman’s physician and two other doctors certify that continuing a pregnancy would result in a mother’s death, or “substantially and irremediably impair the mental or physical health of the woman.” Kathy Tran testified in favor of a bill that would end the requirement for two extra doctors to sign off on such abortions, and strike the words “substantially and irremediably” from the existing law.

When Tran appeared before a statehouse subcommittee, the Republican majority leader, Todd Gilbert, presented her with an outré hypothetical. Could a woman about to go into labor request an abortion if her doctor certified that she needed one for mental health reasons? Tran said that the decision would be between a woman and her doctor, but, evidently taken aback by the question, eventually allowed that it would be permitted under her bill.

Tran handled the moment poorly. 1/

02/02/19 4:04 pm

She might have pointed out that legislation is not generally written with an eye to prohibiting ridiculous and unprecedented scenarios. It is inconceivable that a doctor would certify a need for an abortion while a woman is in labor; some doctors won’t even let a woman turn down a C-section if they think a baby’s health is at risk.

Then, on a radio show, Northam spoke about what actually happens when a woman goes into labor with a fetus that has severe deformities and may not be viable. The infant, he said, would be delivered and kept comfortable, and the family would decide about resuscitation.

More: “No matter what the law were, in real life, these things don’t happen,” said Frances Kissling, president of the Center for Health, Ethics and Social Policy and the former head of Catholics for a Free Choice.

02/02/19 4:04 pm

“I am not saying that there would not be one woman out of 20 million who decided at the 33rd week of pregnancy that she needed an abortion, and I would suggest that she probably does have mental health problems. However, this woman is not going to find anyone who will do this.”

Just copied relevant parts of an nyt article here

WorstGooEver Nuke the Hurricanes
02/01/19 5:37 pm

It looks like he is being defended by state Dems, and widely denounced at the national level.

Jerbehr queens
02/01/19 4:58 pm

There was a republican congressman days ago who resigned over a blackface thing from high school. This is much worse because he’s with a KKK costume and nah he wearing it himself. By the same standards he should absolutely r sign

Praetorianus Fair enough.
02/01/19 4:49 pm

People should stop digging up sins of the youth that are of no consequence decades later, it's not that he lynched someone.

WorstGooEver Nuke the Hurricanes
02/01/19 5:03 pm

I would wager someone from his class didn’t like his comments from yesterday(Wednesday?) and sent it to the paper.

Praetorianus Fair enough.
02/01/19 6:00 pm

Certainly but how did the picture leak? There was no internet 1984. Guess a former classmate scanned it but stays an anonymous coward.

WorstGooEver Nuke the Hurricanes
02/01/19 7:10 pm

In fairness though, 25 years old counts as a grown ass man.

RussianThunder Russia and USA
02/01/19 7:24 pm

Apparently a Fox News contributor had it back in October but could not confirm it was him. It seems people knew about it but this was a page of the yearbook. The contributor only said he had the picture. I think it’s of his classmates does not like his extreme abortion stance.

RussianThunder Russia and USA
02/01/19 7:30 pm

25. You didn’t make mistakes at 25 you would regret now? Never told a lie or said something hateful that can be construed as racist if it’s twisted enough? No day of falling down drunk? Medical students are often not as respectful as they should be with their cadavers. That would rub some people the wrong way. He was in medical school.
Yes, it was wrong but what is his life now? Is he racist? Discriminated against blacks.

He may have been a grown man but he was not in the real world. He had never left an academic setting. That does make a difference.

I think he should go for his stance on abortion but say that, don’t drudge up some 30+ year old photo from a medical school party.


Praetorianus Fair enough.
02/01/19 7:54 pm

Don't you mean "forgo"/drop his stance on abortion?
Go for it? You support it???

Praetorianus Fair enough.
02/01/19 7:55 pm

OK I think I see you mean leave because of it, right?

WorstGooEver Nuke the Hurricanes
02/01/19 8:00 pm

No, I’ve never made any crazy mistakes past the age 25 that I desperately wish I could take back. Besides, if 25 counts as a “youthful indiscretion”, where exactly is the cutoff point?

RussianThunder Russia and USA
02/02/19 3:54 pm

Living in the real world? The guy was in academic (if you call first grade academia) from 6 years old until he graduated from medical school. 25 years old. 19 of it in school and at that point, I don’t think he was quite done yet. He had spent the last 8 years (at least) in college and medical school.

That also does not look like a real Kkk robe. I saw three at our historical society museum because I didn’t know they came in different colors. They were satiny looking and had patches (though I had no idea what they meant). This looks like a bathrobe and a hood someone made. Still HIGHLY INAPPROPRIATE but I don’t think any had a kkk robe sitting around. Mind you, about all I know of kkk costumes is from that museum and they were a bit frightening to see.
The donors, of course, wished to remain anonymous.

RussianThunder Russia and USA
02/02/19 4:03 pm

Yes, I mean “let go” or “forego” his stance on abortion.