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PamGH February 1st, 2019 10:44pm

Feds make largest fentanyl bust in history, 254# of the drug hidden in a floor compartment of a truck loaded w/ cucumbers. Occurred at border checkpoint in Arizona. Most drugs come in this way. A wall will not stop the majority of drug trafficking.

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DunkinFrunk Austin area, Texas
02/02/19 7:15 am

Most drugs come in through our shipping ports

HammeringMan Gods Away On Business
02/01/19 11:33 pm

1: the location of one drug runner does not offer a broad solution
2: drugs are smuggled across, under and around borders.
3: the more difficult smuggling becomes the more clever the smugglers.
4: Barriers keep large numbers of people out.
5: Barriers redirect the smugglers to locations where they can more easily be caught

HammeringMan Gods Away On Business
02/02/19 7:19 am

Your judgement is appreciated.

HammeringMan Gods Away On Business
02/02/19 7:19 am

Your appreciation is not judged.

02/02/19 2:36 pm

I agree as well.

4boot LaTrineodeur, MN
02/01/19 11:31 pm

Agree, but we still need a wall.

thomas12466 Los Angeles
02/01/19 11:04 pm

America is pretty powerful, so powerful that we have control over the international drug trade. We need to become more lax on our laws and stop acting like a dictatorship by seizing drugs wherever we can find them.

02/01/19 9:35 pm

There are places where a fence makes sense. There are places where it does not make economic sense. Maybe there are more places where a wall does make sense, but maybe not. A full border wall does not make sense. It is unclear what 'the wall' means to DJT bc he moves the goal post constantly, this is a large part of the problem. At no point has he conveyed a detailed plan. Instead of blindly giving him money he needs to present a real plan, then we would know what we are arguing about

02/01/19 9:43 pm

Right now we are arguing about if DJT gets a 1/2 win for a 'wall' because it was a campagin promise. We paid millions for prototypes then he tweeted a fence that appeared it was created on MS paint as a 'design'. He has stated it would be a full border wall then said it would only be in key areas. We already have 700 miles of fence, show me a statistical/scientific analysis that indicates it is worth the money to build more

02/01/19 8:42 pm

My understanding is that the border walls would direct the flow of drugs to border checkpoints and more criminals would be caught.

RussianThunder Russia and USA
02/01/19 7:47 pm

Stop giving those guys fast passes. That might help

John1 Florida
02/01/19 7:44 pm

But a wall would decrease the inflow of drugs that cross the border through illegal means. If 75 to 85 percent of drugs come across the border through legal ports of entry, then that means 15 to 25 percent comes across illegally. That would mean the influx of drugs across the border would decrease anywhere between 15 and 25 percent if a wall was built. That isn’t significant to you? You also aren’t accounting for the vicious gang members that cross the border or the 1/3 of women who are raped by coyotes when trying to cross. As someone who concerns herself with drugs, violence and the over crowding of US prisons, I would think you’d want a wall to decrease these things in America.

ronderman North Carolina
02/01/19 7:35 pm

I believe the checkpoint did its job. The truck was stopped and drugs were found. I see no correlation of a wall other than it would require more people to cross at checkpoints.

This is a vote for the wall!

suppressedID tre45on
02/01/19 6:19 pm

60% of America knew this already.

02/01/19 7:00 pm

While ignoring that fact that drugs still cross unguarded territory.

HappyLez No Worries... Be Happy
02/01/19 5:47 pm

To quote you from your prior poll, Politicians that play to the fear of drugs/violent crime associated to drugs are just playing to people’s fears
This Wall is Nonsense .... Rich people will make money building it and maintaining it...ergo this administrations real reason for this Wall....

02/01/19 7:01 pm

Right! Cause drug, cartel and human trafficking is just fairytales

anjrued NJ
02/01/19 4:49 pm

There are two types of people on here: the ones that listen to facts and ones that listen to Trump.

02/01/19 4:54 pm

If we have enough “facts” to determine that the majority of drugs come thru ports of interest then obviously we have enough surveillance to know what happens along the entire border. With this logic, tech will not add anything we already know. So I guess the next step is a wall. Hmmmm

02/01/19 3:57 pm

How do we know that it’s majority? There is no wall or security on all those open miles. Could be 10x more coming over areas without a wall. Besides, once u double of triple up detection at the entries... where the Ffffuuuuuucccckkkk do u think they will cross from next?🤔 Maybe..... the unsecured areas?

Robert01 existentialist
02/01/19 4:06 pm

☝️ We have no way of know how much drugs cross into the country threw entry points or other wise. We can only track what we find.

02/01/19 4:09 pm

Finally! Robert knows what I’m talking about.

WorstGooEver Nuke the Hurricanes
02/01/19 4:38 pm

Why would the DEA want us to falsely believe that most drugs come through legal ports of entry?

Robert01 existentialist
02/01/19 4:59 pm

Maybe the head of the DEA has a political motivation...