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PamGH February 1st, 2019 9:54pm

Say a child is born with terrible defects. A: Should parents and their physicians be allowed to administer palliative care only, knowing the child will pass on? B: Or require life-saving interventions regardless of the cost or outcome.

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02/02/19 6:28 pm

Come at me fellow pro lifers. Until you’ve seen a child suffer from multiple resuscitations, brain damage from lack of oxygen, etc., don’t tell me choosing life extending treatment is kind and humane to a dying child.

02/06/19 8:31 pm

Pro lifers only care about the fetus. If they cared about the life, then there would be money for food, housing, health care, and education.

JamesAndersonMD La Jolla, CA
02/02/19 11:06 am

There is no ‘always’ in medicine. Each case must be taken on its own merits. In general, it is whatever the parents and physician feel is best, and palliative care is often the best solution. Still, if we do know of potentially life-saving treatment, it should always be considered, but not always utilized in the end.

02/02/19 6:25 pm

Prolonged suffering, resuscitating and traumatizing the baby multiple times, playing God with their lives. Sounds like you’re on the wrong side of God here.

02/02/19 8:18 pm

Sounds like you are using double speak.

thomas12466 Los Angeles
02/02/19 8:19 pm

What do you mean? That’s a made up word

thomas12466 Los Angeles
02/02/19 8:21 pm

I believe that care should be given to keep people alive at all costs. Nothing deceptive about that

02/03/19 5:52 am

Yes there is. Providing care that would only prolong suffering is a disposable thing just so you could feel good about yourself. You don’t care about babies. You don’t care about their quality of life. Let’s keep them alive artificially even though they can’t survive on their own just so you and your friends can feel good about yourselves. Well done good and faithful servant.

paranoidandroid peace love science
02/01/19 6:32 pm

Anyone who chooses B should never be allowed to have a DNR.

smartfart Florida
02/01/19 4:59 pm

New York got this one right.

Ebola007 Florida
02/01/19 6:27 pm

This has nothing to do with NY doctors provide palliative care every day and have been doing so since the beginning of medicine.

smartfart Florida
02/01/19 6:33 pm

I work with a palliative care team. I’m well aware of what it does.

Ebola007 Florida
02/01/19 6:38 pm

Then you know it has nothing to do with NY

jmw7477 Indiana
02/01/19 3:52 pm

It’s not fair to the child to be forced to live in pain with a poor quality of life.

auntiesamm Orange County CA
02/01/19 3:11 pm

Choice A. However, parents should make the decision. I cannot imagine the pain and heartbreak.