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BobbyMulk February 1st, 2019 9:29pm

Landmarks Poll Series, FINALS! Great Barrier Reef vs Grand Canyon

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bluerum29 optimistic idealist
02/01/19 2:39 pm

Wow. Cant believe it stuck around this long.when did this series start?

BobbyMulk ACAB
02/01/19 2:41 pm

Wayyyyy too long

presrvd Phoenix
02/01/19 3:13 pm

Well, the Reef is about 18 million years old, and the Canyon is guesstimated to be 6-70 million years old, but I’m sure that’s not what you’re asking.... =P

voc I am...verified
02/01/19 4:28 pm

This series started before I left. It’s probably been close to a year now

missmorganmarie ...
02/01/19 7:17 pm

blue are your pic polls done?