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mtdewbob February 1st, 2019 1:30pm

From CBS News - Human trafficking of girls in particular "on the rise," United Nations warns: Human trafficking to the United States of the sexual exploitation of children has become the nation's fastest-growing form of organized crime.

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Jazzy5 USA
02/01/19 8:45 am

People that want open borders don’t care, it’s not their daughter.

rons Thanks America
02/01/19 7:56 am

They need them for the illegal men in the US.

kscott516 Revelation 5 6
02/01/19 7:33 am

When I made a poll saying human trafficking was our #1 concern I was laughed at. Seems I was right again.

KellyDimples NJ
02/01/19 7:08 am

Humanitarian crisis.

mtdewbob Arizona
02/01/19 6:35 am

Human trafficking of young girls coming across the US Mexican border from countries such as Venezuela, El Salvador and Honduras.

mtdewbob Arizona
02/01/19 6:44 am

One has the wonder if Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat Party support this human trafficking of young girls coming to crossed U.S. Mexican border into the United States for the purposes of the sex slave industry. As you can see Nancy Pelosi thinks it’s funny as she laughs at giving just one dollar toward border security.