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SoHRepublicans February 1st, 2019 1:07pm

Should churches (defined as churches, temples, mosques, synagogues, etc.) remain tax-exempt?

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Ebola007 Florida
02/01/19 1:08 pm

They should be treated like any other not for profit organization.

02/01/19 6:32 am

Churches yes. Their affiliated businesses, no. When religious institutions begin to Branch out into things like day care, there is no reason that need to retain their tax free status. It gives an unfair advantage over other other actual child care facilities. I think churches should also face more scrutiny over their status. Ive personally know multiple people who create "churches" to gain a tax shelter. Also I don't think it should be extended to mega churches who pay their pastors 6 figures a year. Churches have a tax free status under the understanding that they are spending their money on charitable causes. Buying a private jet or Lamborghini is not a charitable cause