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zimmy February 1st, 2019 11:59am

Biggest fentanyl bust in US history! Awesome! But arenโ€™t the pharmaceutical companies the biggest culprit, in this modern day war on fentanyl and heroin?

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02/01/19 9:56 am

I don't think the Pharma companies are the problem. They produce a product which they have permission to produce. The problem is with the doctors handing out pills like it's candy. They get paid by Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance for the subscription, effectively they have an interest in getting their patients addicted. Another problem is all the illegally imported drugs from Mexico and Asian countries which are designed to make people even more addicted.

02/01/19 8:59 am

A major problem is the government not allowing people to use alternative medicine such as marijuana despite its known medicinal advantages.

historylover Navy Seawolves
02/01/19 8:22 am

Pill-pushing doctors and pharmaceutical companies certainly deserve a great deal of blame for the opioid crisis. I’ve read quite a bit about opioids over the last several years as I have to deal with a relative who is a prescription opioid addict. He is becoming physically incapacitated now after taking opioids for many years. There is no point in taking them from him now. He will probably be in a nursing home or dead within a couple of years. He can’t dress himself and can barely walk with a walker currently at the age of 63.

The following article from the Mayo Clinic is easy to understand and explains how the U.S. got itself into the situation of consuming 80 percent of the world’s opioids. As is usually the case with most domestic crises, the federal government bears a good portion of the blame. Federal encouragement for opioid prescribing began in 2001, increased again in 2005, and increased even more in 2010 as a part of Obamacare. Link below.

historylover Navy Seawolves
02/01/19 8:29 am

The federal involvement with encouraging consumption of opioids begins on page 3 in the section entitled “Using Patient Satisfaction as a Proxy for Quality Care” and continues through the sections “Reimbursing for Patient Satisfaction” and “Providing Larger Amounts and More Potent Painkillers”.

Rarely is any problem simple in its creation. Solutions are rarely simple either.

zimmy Florida
02/01/19 8:52 am

So sorry about your relative, that must be difficult to watch, thanks for the links!

historylover Navy Seawolves
02/01/19 9:01 am

You’re welcome.

rons Thanks America
02/01/19 8:05 am

At least the Pharma’s have some sort of controls. The Mexican cartel drug go right to the street. Do you think it’s ok to let these drugs in because big Pharmacies have drugs too? If you do then you have issues that can’t be cured.

02/01/19 7:14 am

Pharmaceutical representatives are just legal drug pushers, and pharmaceutical companies are the new cartels.

RussianThunder Russia and USA
02/01/19 5:40 am

My brother in law has fentanyl patches (stage 4 liver colon cancer). He doesn’t always need them. The ones he has not used are kept under lock and key. However, he says medical marijuana helps very well too and he would rather use that. He has survived almost twice as long as the predicted, though he is failing, we want him around as long as possible.
The drug company had helped take his pain away. I don’t they are responsible for some dipstick making fentanyl in his basement and selling it.

historylover Navy Seawolves
02/01/19 8:40 am

Of course, your brother-in-law needs fentanyl. I’m very sorry to learn of what he and your family are suffering. Unfortunately, it has been shown that many patients who have been prescribed certain opioids would have been much better off without them, and many would have been better off with enough for perhaps two days instead of having a bottle of pills and then refills.

Praetorianus Fair enough.
02/01/19 5:39 am

Heroin for example was first produced in large amounts by big pharma company Bayer.
However, drugs produced by them aren't meant for "recreational use".
Anything can be abused.
Do you blame producers of baseball bats if skinheads use them as weapons?

KellyDimples Ultra MAGA deplorable
02/01/19 5:34 am

I just heard that most of the fentanyl coming in is from China. China recently reached an agreement with Trump to add it to the drug schedule, criminalizing its production. It wasn't before then. Of course, no one heard about it. There was enough doses in this one find to kill 57 million Americans.

zimmy Florida
02/01/19 8:54 am

Opioids are definitely a crisis!

KellyDimples Ultra MAGA deplorable
02/01/19 9:53 am

If this much was brought in through a port of entry, how much is being brought in through the unprotected areas?

snagglepuss Story Time
02/01/19 5:06 am

Of course. Michael Jackson had IV’s of Fentanyl with a doctor by his side.

Pharmaceutical companies reward doctors!

zimmy Florida
02/01/19 5:10 am


snagglepuss Story Time
02/01/19 8:41 am

What’s sad is even with a doctor by his side he still overdosed.