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BoomSwetty February 1st, 2019 10:44am

Trump called the contradiction between himself and his intelligence officials was a misquotation by Fake news. However, his intelligence teams spoke at a senate hearing that was shown live TV. Was it fake news?

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BoomSwetty Uncaged Human
02/01/19 6:24 am

If you think this is fake news then please discuss. I am truly interested and open minded

smartfart Florida
02/01/19 4:04 am

Yeah, but anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock & is honest to themselves about Trump, already knew this. I’m old enough to remember when it meant something when the president spoke.

Ebola007 Florida
02/01/19 4:55 am

So you agree it was fake news?

02/01/19 10:38 am

It seems though that for all the fake news Trump is accused of, he seems to get it right most of the time.