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John1 February 1st, 2019 5:44am

After accommodating immigrants by allowing them to come here, work here and live here, is it unreasonable to ask that they accommodate us by asking them to speak the language this country was founded on & that the majority of Americans speak?

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02/01/19 9:04 am

They shouldn’t be forced to learn the common language however they shouldn’t get special treatment or upset when that language barrier gets in the way if they chose to not learn it.

SticksandStones Stop fearmongering
02/03/19 10:51 pm

This is basically what I was going to say, but I probably wouldn't have worded it as well.

Jazzy5 USA
02/01/19 8:55 am

They want to make little countries of the one they left.

omniku dot com
02/01/19 6:43 am

Within a generation or two they always do. That’s the way it’s always been. America’s greatest strength is its greatest weakness… We have a shallow national culture which makes it easy access for anyone to become an American, culturally. As a result, America always wins. Immigrants come here with the culture they came from, but their grandchildren will be as American as apple pie.


Cooper831 Wisconsin
02/01/19 6:12 am

Yes. Becoming a citizen is a privilege, not a right. It is incongruent to suggest that someone cares about American values when they are unwilling to learn one of the most basic essential elements to allow them to actually participate in the community and society at large.

Robert01 existentialist
02/01/19 5:45 am

It's not unreasonable to ask but it is unreasonable to expect it.

Trust me it's annoying working with people that don't speak English or don't speak English well.

Wert A picture of my junk
01/31/19 11:14 pm

You can ask... (ironically, in their language)

01/31/19 10:46 pm

This country was founded on Native American languages. How many do you speak?

John1 Florida
02/01/19 12:30 am

The United States of America wasn’t founded by Native Americans. It was founded by English colonists.

Cooper831 Wisconsin
02/01/19 6:10 am

Smart, Native Americans didn't build this civilization, their names are not signed at the bottom of the constitution. Occupying a space of land does not equate to founding a country.

02/01/19 9:21 am

They were already here along with their civilizations, languages, trade agreements, religions and history.
Western Europeans destroyed all of that and claimed the land as their own.
I’m sure there must have been some mention of this in a history class you took in grade school.

John1 Florida
02/01/19 9:51 am

The United States was founded a little over 200 years ago by the English colonists. Native Americans occupied the land, but the land was fought over and conquered and then formed into the nation we live in today. Russia used to own Alaska, France used to own Louisiana and the Great Plains, land is acquired through all sorts of different means; that doesn’t mean Alaskans should speak Russian.

Both American continents were occupied by indigenous peoples with different languages and cultures, they all now speak either English, French, Spanish or Portuguese because those new nations were founded by the corresponding European power.

Again, simply occupying a territory does not mean they founded the United States. If that were the case, then this country would be several thousand years old.

Cooper831 Wisconsin
02/01/19 10:56 am

Well said, John!

02/01/19 11:39 am

OK gentlemen, my point was/is in reference to the question of adopting the language of the country you immigrate/invade.
Western Europeans did not do that when they colonized countries. I find it ironic that we expect others to learn our language when historically we never did.

John1 Florida
02/01/19 12:30 pm

If we were invaded and conquered then historically it would be expected for the conquerer to impose their customs and traditions on the newly acquired territory. That’s been the story of human civilization. You use the word “we” as if I or other white people living today conquered the American Indians.