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Do you know how to drive a car with a stick-shift transmission?

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Robert01 existentialist
02/08/19 6:19 am

I know how I just don't have the experience and don't think I could actually do it.

Knowing how to do something is one thing actually doing it is another.

02/03/19 3:45 am

My accord is a manual but my f150 is automatic because they do not make manual f150 I prefer manual

outlaw393 Norse Pagan
02/02/19 12:19 pm

Nope, and probably never will bother either.

lcamino Florida and Georgia
02/02/19 10:47 am

I’ve driven one, but I wouldn’t say I knew how.

bkro37 existential crisis
02/02/19 9:15 am

Lmao I just learned a week ago

centexken Republic of Texas
02/02/19 8:32 am

I learned on one but have not drove one in 35 years. Doubt I would remember how after that many years.

everybodysmom illinois
02/02/19 2:57 am

My left foot was broken when I took drivers ed so I never learned.

02/01/19 10:13 pm

Most of my cars since 1976 have been stick. However, 5 months ago, I traded in my base 2014 Kia Soul five speed for a 2019 Kia Soul Exclaim with an automated manual transmission. I use both automatic and manual shift modes.

Grimmy13 Palehorse
02/01/19 7:55 pm

I prefer a stick. I had to special order my last two trucks with manual trannys. I finally gave up. My current vehicles at least have the paddle shifters. My left leg feels useless.

seal7471 Canada
02/01/19 8:51 pm

Sick buddy, what trucks did you have?

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Arizona
02/01/19 7:19 pm

I never learned to drive a manual transmission automobile. I have only driven manual transmission on tractors & my dad rarely let me change gears other than reverse.

daverator Connecticut
02/01/19 6:44 pm

I can do it if I have to but whoever’s in the car is in for a bumpy rides. Can never time the shifting right.

Vesta Cleveland Ohio
02/01/19 5:32 pm

My first brand new car was a stick without AC or a radio. I bought it when I started college and money was that tight. I kept a boombox on the front seat but eventually had a cheap radio installed. Really miss a manual transmission.

4JC Christian Pastors Wife
02/01/19 1:04 pm

Yes, when I was first learning to drive, my dad made me drive a stick shift truck without manual steering. The summer I was 16, I drove that truck, working with him, as far as from AL to the state of KS.


4JC Christian Pastors Wife
02/01/19 1:05 pm

I also taught my two oldest sons to drive a stick.


Vesta Cleveland Ohio
02/01/19 5:26 pm

Oh my gosh I had completely forgotten about manual steering!

4JC Christian Pastors Wife
02/01/19 6:39 pm

Yeah, SO much harder. It had manual brakes, as well. You had to STOMP on the brake to get that thing to stop! LOL

pedwingeorge Benson IL
02/01/19 8:51 pm

I have a 1972 chevy pickup with a 4 on the floor and manual steering, it's so much fun to drive that thing.

4JC Christian Pastors Wife
02/01/19 9:03 pm

Cool! The pickup truck I learned in would’ve been somewhere around that year! Do you remember the trucks with “hips”? That’s what it was.


pedwingeorge Benson IL
02/01/19 9:08 pm

I'm only 26 so I don't remember them but I'm sure my dad would

4JC Christian Pastors Wife
02/01/19 9:17 pm

I forgot you were that young, since you’re a trucker! Lol

pedwingeorge Benson IL
02/01/19 9:20 pm

Haha I've seen a lot of old cars in my day though

Jazzy5 USA
02/01/19 12:56 pm

The best experience between driver and car!

kanji401 SoCal gal
02/01/19 7:20 pm

As a Porsche driver, I totally agree.

FarmerManE djent
02/01/19 10:22 am

I know how to on expert mode: a semi

pedwingeorge Benson IL
02/01/19 8:43 pm

Same here. 13 speed for me πŸ‘Œ

FarmerManE djent
02/01/19 8:45 pm

13 speed eaton fuller is the best.
I want to rip out the 10 speed meretor we he have and beat the guy that designed it

pedwingeorge Benson IL
02/01/19 8:46 pm

I've driven a super 10 and I don't like that near as good as the 13

FarmerManE djent
02/01/19 8:47 pm

Heard some not good things about the super 10, but never driven one

pedwingeorge Benson IL
02/01/19 8:49 pm

I haven't driven one very much so I don't know how good they are or how bad they are 🀷‍♂️

TrippyCornflake Brooklyn
02/01/19 10:02 am

I've never driven one but I know how to. Does that count?

JohnMan324 Rock N Roll
02/01/19 9:39 am

Never even drove a vehicle with a manual. But my truck has a manual option on the automatic that I play around with sometimes

JohnMan324 Rock N Roll
02/01/19 9:40 am

Ps don’t get a 3rd gen Tacoma with an automatic. It shifts very badly

02/01/19 8:49 am

But who can heel-toe?

Survivalistien I am Green and Retired
02/01/19 8:09 am

Yes. That’s how we all drive over here. It’s best to learn on motorcycle.

sd123 San Diego
02/01/19 11:40 pm

I have to disagree, I think it's best to learn how a clutch feels in a car, much safer. Then go to motorcycles.

cowboy Dawns Highway
02/01/19 7:21 am

Might as well ask me if I know how to breath.

timeout Boston Strong
02/01/19 7:08 am

Absolutely, I drove a truck for a living. My first car was a standard shift.

taumpy Massachusetts
02/01/19 7:07 am

Know enough to manage? Yes. It’s been long enough since I had to that I probably wouldn’t do it well. But I’m sure it’s like riding a bike and doesn’t take long to pick up again.

Calvinist Amsterdam NL
02/01/19 6:19 am

This is standard in europe.

gonzoboy Northern AZ
02/01/19 5:13 am

O’ course! On the floor or on the 'tree', but 'Auto' is the life for me!!

02/01/19 5:01 am

I know how, but that doesn’t mean I should. Doesn’t end well.

Gunfighter06 Iowa, since 1846
02/01/19 4:54 am

Sadly, no. My first car was an automatic so I never had much of a chance to learn.

02/01/19 4:51 am

Yes, and I like them far better than automatics. They are fun to drive.

Tariq88 Utah
02/01/19 1:10 am

Yes, the first car I had was a stick shift.

phalnx Ohio
01/31/19 11:54 pm

Very well. I drive an asynchronous one now for work.

PrinceOberyn Here I am Here I Remain
01/31/19 11:24 pm

No, but I also don't know how to drive a carriage or chariot either.

TwinJefe Pacific Northwest
01/31/19 10:59 pm

Yes, I drove a manual transmission for years. It’s way more fun but can suck when living in a big city, especially during rush hour.

katerina13 stuck in the middle
01/31/19 11:00 pm

I did it for many years in traffic. It did suck. Much better, fun even, when that’s not an issue.

TwinJefe Pacific Northwest
01/31/19 11:13 pm

Country roads are my favorite to drive with a manual transmission.

joshua16 FaceTime
01/31/19 10:41 pm

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katerina13 stuck in the middle
01/31/19 10:59 pm

Good for you. Everyone should be able to do it. You just never know when it might become necessary, like in some emergency.

LazySteelworker USA
01/31/19 10:36 pm

Depends on your definition of knowing lol. I can drive one, I just haven't done it enough in my lifetime that I'm very confident with my skills doing it. If it meant the difference between driving and not driving such as an emergency I'd figure it out again, kinda like riding a bike 😬

katerina13 stuck in the middle
01/31/19 11:03 pm

I just said that right above your comment. And, I almost said it’s like riding a bike, too. It’s good to have the skill, just in case.

LazySteelworker USA
01/31/19 11:22 pm

That's the bad part about them being less common. If you don't own one then the odds of you having one to just jump in an drive occasionally is becoming somewhat rare.

01/31/19 10:21 pm

1st car VW bug stick shift.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
01/31/19 10:16 pm

Know how, and do almost every time I drive. My daily driver has a manual transmission. In fact, two of our three cars have manual transmissions.

CudOfCow Oregon
01/31/19 10:15 pm

First learned to drive at 14 on a double shift deisel bucket loader. My boss asked if I knew how to drive and when I said I was 14 he threw me the keys. He said 'looks like your lucky day. First, learn to drive the loader, you cant hurt it so go nuts. There is a shed out back, here is a crowbar. Demolish it, put it on the flat bed parked out next to it, bring it out into the field and burn it'

I miss that job.

peacenskis Alaska
01/31/19 10:08 pm

My dad taught me how to drive a car with a manual transmission when I was 10. He taught me how to drive a dirt bike before that. Oh, I loved to drive when I was a kid. Now, I feel like a teen taxi and would love to have a chauffeur. One more year and the 13 year old can get a drivers permit. Hello backseat πŸ€—

peacenskis Alaska
01/31/19 10:11 pm

My first car was a Dodge Stealth RT Turbo....I loved it so much, but once it was time to buy a second car my first requirement was that it had an automatic transmission. I’ve never looked back.

paranoidandroid peace love science
01/31/19 10:06 pm

My current car is the first automatic that I’ve had. Stick shifts are super fun!! πŸš—πŸ’¨

paranoidandroid peace love science
01/31/19 10:08 pm

They aren’t fun in Boston traffic. Thus the automatic now. Sigh.

SHIPPY1944 Tn.
01/31/19 10:05 pm

Yes, but I prefer not to❗️