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daverator February 1st, 2019 4:23am

Still have a prominent memory of when I was 4 and my parents didn’t get me some plastic Thomas the Train cup. I told myself I’d never forgive them. Still don’t. Is it time to move on?

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screename1 Alaska
02/01/19 11:42 am

Your polls are awesome! Tell your parents that as part of your healing process, and to keep you out of years of therapy, they still need to get you the cup.

daverator Connecticut
02/01/19 6:37 pm

Thank you. I was literally just about to post a poll on my polls. Most pertain to my personal life and idk if people like those or the technical ones more. When I find a way to word it correctly I’ll post it.

screename1 Alaska
02/01/19 8:53 pm

I like the personal ones better. Good luck coming up with the correct wording.

Robert01 existentialist
02/01/19 6:21 am

Both never forgive them but move on it's a character-building moment.

I have a shity ass memory but I can still remember when I was 7 and it was Christmas. I had two presents under the tree my sister had two presents under the tree and my brother had two presents under the tree. My sister received a game console and a game. my brother received a Game Boy and a game. I received a toy fire engine and a stuffed animal. Boy was I pissed.

Krystina Let Freedom Reign
02/01/19 3:48 am

My mother gave away my blocks set when I was young and, apparently, long before I was done playing with them. I told her I’d never forgive her. I still remember it distinctly and every now and again, about 40 years later, I still goad her about it. LoL. I have long since forgiven her, of course. But, it’s fun to poke every now and again. 😜👍🏼

01/31/19 10:15 pm

Buy your own now and show up to the next family gathering drinking malt liquor out of it. Be like I'm grown, can buy and do whatever I want.