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lcamino Florida and Georgia
02/02/19 11:12 am

Yes, I live in a residential area of a small to midsized town. (County population of about 47,000)

Jerbehr queens
02/01/19 11:57 pm

By some standards but on a national level it’s probably closer to the outskirts of a city or a medium sized city

SupremeDolphin ex DocWas
02/01/19 8:27 pm

Unfortunately. Hoping to move to the city in a couple years.

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Arizona
02/01/19 7:18 pm

Not quite… It’s the outskirts, but still definitely metro Phoenix

DarthTater Jesus Saves
02/01/19 5:12 pm

I live 3-5 miles from a McDonalds. I only live one mile from 7-Eleven and In-N-Out. Does that count?

02/01/19 8:29 am

Yep, grew up in the ‘burbs. Still live in the ‘burbs. But it’s a lot lonelier than it used to be, people stay inside, neighbors don’t talk, it’s a totally different vibe than when I grew up riding my bicycle everywhere. I hate that for kids today.

cowboy Dog Father
02/01/19 7:21 am

Nope. Forced to live in the ghetto with all of the trash.

02/01/19 8:26 am

Are you saying that you are trash?

cowboy Dog Father
02/01/19 8:27 am

“Forced to live...”

02/01/19 8:37 am

Do you think the people around you aren’t also forced to live where you live?

cowboy Dog Father
02/01/19 8:38 am

I don’t care. The Government forces my daughter to live with drug addicts.

02/01/19 12:03 pm

Is she in a HUD program?

02/01/19 12:46 pm

How does the government force her to live somewhere?

cowboy Dog Father
02/01/19 1:15 pm

By placing man hating feminazis in the position of “judge”.

At least that’s how it works here. I have so little rights that the feminazi knew drugs were around but didn’t allow me full custody anyway. It’s an unbelievable biased system against men.

02/01/19 1:36 pm

Oh, I understand. I’m very sorry. I don’t agree at all with the outdated parental rights laws in this country. If the dad is the better parent, the dad is the better parent case closed. My cousin fought his drug addicted son’s mother for years before finally getting custody. a couple of months ago she was getting high with her oldest son and they both OD’d, she lived and he died. That’s a pain my cousin’s son, who is a special kid, he sings bluegrass with a banjo it’s so coo, has to live with forever. So believe me, I don’t believe mothers should just get the kids.

DarthTater Jesus Saves
02/01/19 5:11 pm

Bro, cowboy, you gotta chill in dumb situations like this.

cowboy Dog Father
02/01/19 5:15 pm

That sounds like something her dope smoking “mom” would say. Women have it so rough...

02/01/19 5:54 pm

I know two guys that have been able to gain custody of their kids, just some advice from their situations, don’t be afraid to call the cops every time you can find proof of drug use, single parents aren’t supposed to have different people(like relationship wise) coming in and out of kids lives, just keep track of all the names if that’s happening, and if there is ANY sign of abuse or neglect talk to the school. The courts listen to the schools more than anyone else. I hope the situation gets better, all kids deserve to be raised loved and safe.

cowboy Dog Father
02/01/19 5:56 pm

Thank you.

tdaddy Kentucky
02/01/19 8:52 pm

A friend of mine was able to get all three of his kids from their addict mom and the judge was entirely on his side. The judge also made sure she paid him child support and locked her up for several months because she was so behind on her payments.

taumpy Massachusetts
02/01/19 7:09 am

Yeah but it’s not my preference. I love living in the thick of the city. I also love living in the woods. (Note: the southern New England version of “the woods”. It’s not like there isn’t a town hours away, but it’s far enough that light and noise pollution are at a minimum.)

IEatzCookies Alderaan
02/01/19 7:02 am

yes unfortunately, I'd love to live deeper in the country

Gunfighter06 Iowa, since 1846
02/01/19 4:53 am

Surprisingly for my fiercely libertarian streak, I actually live in an urban area. About seven blocks away from the heart of the ghetto, as a matter-of-fact.

Tazer Dumpster fire
02/01/19 12:38 am

I've lived in Chicago all my life. I do not know suburbia

PB246new California
02/01/19 12:07 am

Rural/suburbia and I love it. Although I could maybe be out a bit further one day

01/31/19 10:20 pm

Down the street from historical theatre, lots of nice restaurants, beautiful million dollar homes, lots of shopping. Shoreline view with SF skyline. Wanna die here. Wish I went to their HS. Excellent rep.

peacenskis Alaska
01/31/19 10:15 pm

Nah...just a couple of blocks out of “downtown”. In fact, I’m planning to buy something downtown this year. I think it will be a great money maker in the summer. 👍🏻

Zod Above Pugetropolis
01/31/19 9:59 pm

No way. Suburbia is practically downtown. My idea of the best part of town isn’t uptown, downtown, or on the edge of town, it’s all the way outtatown.

Praetorianus Fair enough.
01/31/19 8:37 pm

I don't know what a tourist trap of about 25,000 pop is.
Not rural, not suburbia, not a big city.

02/01/19 3:13 am

Hey I live in a tourist trap of 25,000

Wert A picture of my junk
01/31/19 8:31 pm

I like to think of it as subruria. On the edge of suburbia, on the rural side.