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MoOoOoOse February 1st, 2019 12:41am

If someone spits on you, do you think you can rightfully punch them one time to prevent further spitting? (link)

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missmorganmarie ...
01/31/19 9:28 pm

spitting is so disgusting

xxxceo Nationalist
01/31/19 6:33 pm

I probably would, but not sure if I can.

wmorriso Indiana, US ofA
01/31/19 6:15 pm

Although, as a very senior citizen of over 77 yrs, I have said I would. Truthfully I could not do so now. But when I was a young sergeant in the Army I would have stomped the asshole into the mud.

MoOoOoOse A Demagogic Country
01/31/19 5:53 pm

Apparently, you cannot punch someone if he/she spits on you. It does not threaten your life. Outraged?

HammeringMan Gods Away On Business
01/31/19 11:54 pm

I would fear he was spitting and WAS ALSO HIV +. Punching would be self defense.

MoOoOoOse A Demagogic Country
02/01/19 2:53 am

You can’t get HIV through spit haha, but you might get a whiff of bad breath.

HammeringMan Gods Away On Business
02/01/19 7:27 am

Spittle of an HIV+ patient contains HIV virus. I stand by my punch line.