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01/31/19 7:58 pm

I'm sure if you met me you wouldn't think I'm evil. Well I am atheist so I'm a little different from you, but I don't think that warrants calling me evil. I'm more of a centrist when it comes to abortion. I think it's fair to allow abortion in the cases of danger to the mother, if the child has a genetic disease that will cause it to live a painful life, and in the case of rape. I really hate anti-science, as a scientist myself, and it just so happens that conservatism is on that side. Conservatism is also anti-progressive, anti-wanting the world to be a better place. I hate discrimmimation of other life styles and other religions that have nothing to do with you. I believe we should eventually work not just as a nation, but as a world to make sure our entire population can live at least comfortably. It just isn't like that in 3rd world countries. It's way easier to deny facts, call them fake news and not deal with the isssues. That's just not how reality works...Tremendous pain is...

01/31/19 7:59 pm

caused with that way of thinking. In my opinion, that is evil.

Wert A picture of my junk
01/31/19 5:46 pm

With a little tartar sauce, they are delicious!