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ThisIsKev February 1st, 2019 12:16am

Would you say that you are well informed about all aspects of Cannabis (including hemp), legislation regarding Cannabis, and the historical facts regarding Cannabis?

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TopsQueen Oregon Coast
01/31/19 11:39 pm

I took classes to be a drug therapist. Most likely more. Two of my kids I did like the stuff. If I had glaucoma that might be a different story

voc Hey
01/31/19 9:24 pm

I’m pretty well informed, but there’s always a lot more to learn

ThisIsKev Wisconsin
01/31/19 9:50 pm

It seems never ending, learning new things and knowledge that was lost because of prohibition laws.

voc Hey
01/31/19 9:53 pm

Ain’t that the truth

thatguy2 We tried to warn you
01/31/19 6:09 pm

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Kay41 the Midwest
01/31/19 5:25 pm

No, I know basically nothing.