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TopsQueen January 31st, 2019 9:05pm

On the news that said pot is low cost in Oregon. My husband even got a senior discount. They want to be able to export it to other states. Do you think it should be legal to export it like other crops?

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catpillow Florida West Coast
02/01/19 2:58 am

I’d love it if we could import it. Maybe that will come to pass.

theNobamist Silicon Valley
01/31/19 6:21 pm

Senior discount? Did I miss that AARP commercial??? 👵👴🌱😀😀

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
01/31/19 8:26 pm

Yea go figure. See the beautiful Oregon Coast and get a discount on pot. The 101 is very curvy. Take care and ingest after you are done driving.

theNobamist Silicon Valley
01/31/19 6:19 pm

Each state has a department of agriculture. They set up import/export restrictions on produce for numerous reasons... some possibly legitimate!

01/31/19 5:29 pm

If it is legal to purchase in the other state, yes.

Praetorianus In the uncanny valley
01/31/19 5:10 pm

I'm all for nationwide legalization but they should not be allowed to export to states that haven't legalized it.
In Florida, you still get arrested for mere possession.

Scrltt64 Ohio
01/31/19 3:16 pm

Oregon made it's own decision on the question of legality. Other states should be given that same opportunity.

LibArtie SW Connecticut
01/31/19 3:13 pm

Medical marijuana in CT is half the price it was a few years ago.

Squidboy Snarkapottamus
01/31/19 3:01 pm

Not so much these days.