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kscott516 January 31st, 2019 8:48pm

Latest outrage: The Lord of the Rings portrayed Orcs as inherently evil. LOTR is racist.

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TheRightHook PureBluntForceTrauma
02/01/19 6:36 pm

I myself, identify as ZeTransgender Orc. You will refer to Ze as Ze. I'm also. Bineutral genderfluid transtesticle and you will recognize my brown and orange crooked teeth as perfect or Ze will call you racist bigot homophobic transphobic misogynistic hater of all things Orcs. I will demand you play my war song, Hate myself for living you, while I dance awkwardly without rhythm sporting my thick black wristbands and pink rat tail riding into battle as a snowflake social justice Warrior! Take me seriously or I will bite you knowingly with my HIV infected teeth, after all, apparently it's legal for me to do so in Commifornia.

TwinJefe Pacific Northwest
01/31/19 7:20 pm

Do you huff paint before making polls?

CoffeeNow Powderpuff Leftist
01/31/19 5:01 pm

I feel dumber after reading that

DiQuellaPira Columbus, Ohio
01/31/19 3:39 pm

They’d have to refer to orcs as ‘dreamers’ now.

liddleTrump trump is liddle
01/31/19 3:06 pm

Scott stop trying to piss people off. This reasonable or new.

ctskapski x
01/31/19 2:53 pm

I mean, if I remember correctly, he based them on Asians, and had a few decidedly racist notions, so... Yes? In a way?

The stories themselves, I don't think so, though.
They're heavily influenced by mythology, and objective evil is kind of a staple in fantasy as a result.

Diogenes Not Biden It
01/31/19 2:33 pm

It’s just a fantasy!
It’s not the real thing!

mitchman399 Oregon
01/31/19 2:50 pm

How would you like it if someone called you fantasy and not real?

Diogenes Not Biden It
01/31/19 3:03 pm

I wouldn’t give three shits. Seriously. I suppose I’m just a bot, biotch!

mitchman399 Oregon
01/31/19 3:04 pm

Spoken like a typical anti-orcish.

Diogenes Not Biden It
01/31/19 3:12 pm

Those orca have a hilariously exaggerated underbite!

mitchman399 Oregon
01/31/19 5:17 pm

Wow... so ignorant. Orcs can have overbites too!

TheRightHook PureBluntForceTrauma
02/01/19 6:38 pm

Hwy is s Orcs have feelings too. We work hard in crossing over Ogres to our side too. They also have feelings.

Donaldo lets go brenden
01/31/19 2:24 pm

In 5 years when they remake the movies, they will be replaced with white guys

CoffeeNow Powderpuff Leftist
01/31/19 5:02 pm

Just spit my drink out. Holy shit this is so true 😂

KellyDimples NJ
01/31/19 2:22 pm

They were literally created to be evil. 🙄

theNobamist straight lives matter
01/31/19 2:07 pm

The left is more concerned about the feelings of mythical creatures in the D&D Monster Manual than they are about intelligently engaging with someone wearing a red hat (oh! Evil Nazi!!!)

Diogenes Not Biden It
01/31/19 2:34 pm

Perhaps Deities and Demigods!

NemoDude Dead, at this point
01/31/19 2:06 pm

This is some pretty old shit. I thought all this died down.

kscott516 Revelation 5 6
01/31/19 3:36 pm

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NemoDude Dead, at this point
01/31/19 4:36 pm

Yeah but he whole controversy is kinda old and this article is arriving late.