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keyannawinston January 31st, 2019 8:30pm

Question, not a poll but i need the real scoop on character count limits on Facebook messenger. Ive a lengthy apology & business proposal to offer. Because of ongoing contention in the relationship i feel I've only one shot to convince.

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Jerbehr queens
01/31/19 2:57 pm

Just keep it short and concise, no reason for it to exceed the character limit

xxxceo Nationalist
01/31/19 1:48 pm

Not sure what the count is on FB, but if it’s a business relationship I wouldn’t recommend using FB anyway. If you have to, write it on your notes on the phone and send a screenshot of that to get around character limits.

Unless I’m totally misunderstanding the poll.

xxxceo Nationalist
01/31/19 2:10 pm

Understood. Yeah I’d do the screenshot thing if it were me. I see that done a lot on twitter to get around the character limit. Good luck.

zimmy Florida
01/31/19 1:34 pm

You have to apologize for something? No way! I just don’t believe it! 😝

auntiesamm Lake Stevens WA
01/31/19 2:34 pm

Send a PM and ask her to contact you. Give her options: phone call, text, email, etc.