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oOrangeMan January 31st, 2019 7:56pm

Do you like most of Trumps policies but not most of his redoric?

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02/01/19 10:50 am

“Racist”? BS. Some need an education

credo Positive Rights Exist
01/31/19 7:32 pm

Can't stand either. Every once in a while he does (or wants to do) something good like pulling out of Syria or getting rid of tpp, but mostly he just does typical Republican stuff.

John1 Florida
01/31/19 3:31 pm

I like both his policies and his rhetoric.

oOrangeMan Massachusetts
01/31/19 3:35 pm

I like some of his redoric, but he needs to appeal to the silent majority of the suburban and Rural voters; you can't do that by calling some scank a horse face... Even though I loved that tweet.