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mtdewbob January 31st, 2019 3:42pm

Do you support the abortion of a healthy fetus from a healthy mother with in the 1st trimester (1 to 13 weeks) of a pregnancy?

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apparition Tacoma
02/05/19 8:28 pm

It’s better if the woman could make the decision as early as possible.

01/31/19 12:39 pm

Before a heart beat, yes.

Scrltt64 Ohio
01/31/19 10:04 am

Of the choices each of your polls gave, this is the one I would settle for. However, I can't say i agree with ever ending a life. When my daughters were old enough to become pregnant they opted to be put on birth control. This made it unlikely even in the event of rape that they would become pregnant. We say our young women are responsible enough to make a choice to end a life, yet they dont seem responsible enough to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancies. With all the death and cruelty in the world, I so wish that America would stand up for life on all levels including abortion and death penalties.