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Schiltz January 31st, 2019 8:54am

Should you be allowed to edit comments on Show of Hands?

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mistah Happy Happy Joy Joy
01/31/19 2:03 pm

Only within a minute or so to fix any typos or whatever

suppressedID anti Gilead
01/31/19 9:08 am

No. Then people change their arguments.

Zach21 California
01/31/19 8:54 am

Yes, but it should have an icon next to the comment saying if it was editors, kind of like YouTube.

Zach21 California
01/31/19 8:54 am

^ see lol. Perfect example of when I wish I could edit.

catpillow Florida West Coast
01/31/19 5:15 am

Short term -> Yes, Long term -> No
It would be nice to have about a minute to correct what you wrote immediately after you posted a comment that was mistyped or automatically corrected so it makes no sense.

LibArtie SW Connecticut
01/31/19 12:23 pm

This was going to be my comment.👍

Robert01 existentialist
01/31/19 5:05 am

Sure, minimum edits.
Not like being able to fully rated or flat-out deleted.

Domino3 Abolish the ATF
01/31/19 5:01 am

No. You can just comment again. When people are able to edit their comments it will change the conversation.