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ontargetlisa January 31st, 2019 4:04am

Michigan has very cold temps and windchill this week, and nearly everything is closed, from state offices to schools to no mail delivery. Not record lows, but record closures. Was this a good call, or are we getting “too soft”?

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TopsQueen Oregon Coast
01/31/19 9:24 am

As cold as it is it is very unsafe. Our schools have closed due to a very Highwinds. But I think a mail delivery went on.

Wino I need a drink
01/31/19 8:21 am

We’ve gotten better about it because people have died. I don’t need someone working today and have their car not start when they attempt to go home. Or to be out on the roads and have an accident because it’s too cold for salt to work.

zimmy Florida
01/31/19 4:44 am

Good call, that cold is dangerous!

HammeringMan Gods Away On Business
01/31/19 3:27 am

Midwest Bowling Alleys should stay open!

UniversePlan Michigan
01/30/19 10:41 pm

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01/31/19 1:47 am


paranoidandroid peace love science
01/30/19 10:01 pm

I’m curious if there will be any MapArt on the results of this one. MapArt Wednesday/Thursday?

PrinceDaemon The Bloodwyrm
01/30/19 9:35 pm

Now consumer's wants our heat at 65 degrees until Friday.

Fuck. That.

Jerbehr queens
01/30/19 9:33 pm

Bad. The panic also makes other states unnecessarily follow suit

Kay41 the Midwest
01/30/19 9:07 pm

I don't think it is a big deal to close things down for a day to potentially save lives or physical problems due to working outside or being outside too long.

01/30/19 9:29 pm

The things that are being closed are mostly actually indoor jobs in offices like courts, social services, etc. The police, fire, DPW, utilities and communications workers are still working outside. Probably the worst jobs are the DPW workers who have to repair broken water mains, firefighters and electric line repairmen.

Kay41 the Midwest
01/30/19 9:32 pm

I understand that. Many are closed around me too. They closed many of the non-essential jobs. I don't have a problem with it. If it saves some lives (kids don't have to walk or wait for a bus, mailmen don't have to deliver outside, etc), more power to them. It doesn't hurt me one bit, but may end up helping someone else.