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mrsSkippy4 January 31st, 2019 3:02am

If you could cast your vote securely using a voting app for a presidential election on your phone would you use it?

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Robert01 existentialist
01/31/19 6:23 am

I highly doubt anything on the digital Spectrum is secure in any notion.

Radon Parts Unknown
01/30/19 10:15 pm


That word should never be used when it comes to government.

Attikai Oregon
01/30/19 9:55 pm

Hell naw. Paper ballots for the win.

susanr Colorado
01/30/19 9:30 pm


But that’s a pretty big “if.”

adman4285 Ohio
01/30/19 8:20 pm

No way to verify the user of the phone. They might not be eligible to vote.

Mariland neon butterfly garden
01/30/19 8:18 pm

And miss out on the great camaraderie of real life voter lines?

susanr Colorado
01/30/19 9:33 pm

Not sure if you’re serious about that; I kinda doubt it. But anyway...)

My state has mail-in ballots. I thought I would miss standing in line with people who lived in my neighborhood, casting our votes together. (I never had to wait long in a line.) To retain just a hint of that feeling, I usually hand carry my ballot to the county courthouse, or at least to one of the designated drop-off spots, both of which are tended by poll volunteers, rather than mail it back. I’m almost over that... I do like to get the “I Voted” sticker, though.