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IEatzCookies January 31st, 2019 12:50am

Virginian Democrats just tried to pass a bill which would allow abortions in the third trimester all the way up to birth. Is killing a baby that late in a pregnancy, when the mother is ready to give birth murder, or is it a woman's natural right?

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suppressedID destiny is right now
01/31/19 8:01 am

How often would that ACTUALLY happen, and why?

IEatzCookies Alderaan
01/31/19 11:03 am

You would be surprised by the number

oOrangeMan Massachusetts
02/22/19 11:17 pm

Okay, so even if it didn't happen a lot, should a still be completely legal?

Dont try to dodge the original question...

oOrangeMan Massachusetts
02/22/19 11:19 pm

Eatz is actually right, statics from planned parenthood, it actually happens more than you think.

oOrangeMan Massachusetts
02/22/19 11:20 pm

I think he's gonna try to dodge this ordeal.

kscott516 Revelation 5 6
01/31/19 7:46 am

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Ebola007 Florida
01/30/19 8:54 pm

It’s immoral. Sorry I’m unable to discuss it with the snowflake that has me ignored.

IEatzCookies Alderaan
01/30/19 10:16 pm

who's that, themusicman?

TheMusicMan Solidarity Forever
01/30/19 6:46 pm

Let me say it louder for you retards in the back:

Late stage abortion is almost exclusive to cases where either the FETUS will not survive or the mother's life is at risk. A fetus is not a child (yet). If you make late-stage abortion illegal, then women WILL die if the fetus endangers their lives. Where is the pro-life rampage about that? Misinformed and silent, as always. Stop the bullsh*t fear-mongering and get informed about this topic. Do the research yourself, I'm not your g*ddamn teacher. And furthermore, it is absolutely the women's rights to make that decision. Not the contributing father, not the husband, not the doctor, not a court, not the Cheeto in Chief, not the UNBORN FETUS - It is solely the decision of the mother carrying the fetus and it is her right to keep it to term or abort it if the situation becomes life-threatening.

IEatzCookies Alderaan
01/30/19 8:05 pm

Guess the age old joke about atheists loving to kill babies is true

TheMusicMan Solidarity Forever
01/30/19 8:08 pm

Right, the jokes about atheists or satanists or any other religion being evil and killing babies - it can definitely be a funny joke if delivered well. But I don't remember the legislation or topic at hand being about "killing babies," I thought it was about protecting women's rights and allowing them to have late term abortions that would save their lives should something go wrong with their fetus. I wasn't aware there was any legislation in any state, for that matter, in favor of killing babies. That's news to me.

adman4285 Ohio
01/30/19 8:35 pm

Almost exclusively? are an idiot.

IEatzCookies Alderaan
01/30/19 8:37 pm

Lmao "unviable fetus" sounds pretty vague to me dawg

01/31/19 7:13 am
Here’s the truth straight from the mouth of the woman who wrote this legislation.