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405FRENCHY January 31st, 2019 12:47am

So with all this weather activity, lost of species at alarming rates and world conflicts. Who is ready for the end of times?

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mac007 Mars
01/30/19 10:40 pm

I can't wait for Jesus to return.

TheMusicMan Community not Capital
01/30/19 11:24 pm

Is he gonna come back this year? Just like he was supposed to come back any of the other past couple thousand years? What about the other resurrected religious prophets that exist outside of and existed before Christianity - are they coming back soon, also?

EarlyBird Portland
01/30/19 8:45 pm

Lol.. what?!

TheMusicMan Community not Capital
01/30/19 6:48 pm

End of time? Are you snowed in? Do you need fresh batteries for your clocks? It's 1:47 AM UTC if that helps as a frame of reference. Don't worry, just keep warm and things will thaw out in a few days so you can get more batteries!

TheMusicMan Community not Capital
01/30/19 11:22 pm

That's a really good deal, but how do they compare with Duracell or Energizer? Gotta make sure they last through a long-term cold spell.