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RightOfCenter January 30th, 2019 10:23pm

You have to give the Alarmists a tip o the hat for shifting gears and coming up with Catastrophic Climate Change when Global Warming didn’t pan out. This way every weather event out of the ordinary can be pointed to as “proof” of their new hypothesis

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RightOfCenter SaveTheRepublic
01/30/19 7:57 pm

In case anyone thinks the GLOBAL COOLING consensus of the 1970s was a minor blip or an outlier, here’s an article that documents the extent and intensity that the science was reported by the media.

RightOfCenter SaveTheRepublic
01/30/19 7:44 pm

For those who did not experience the severe winters of GLOBAL COOLING of the 1970s, this video chronicles & summarizes those times.

01/30/19 7:26 pm

So the polar vortex breaking in 3 pieces and traveling a 1/3 of the way down to the equator is just an "event out of the ordinary" to you?
Damn dude, Is it the sand you keep your head in at least comfy?

RightOfCenter SaveTheRepublic
01/30/19 7:33 pm

Well, when that happened before in the 1970s the cause was explained by the climate scientists as unequivocally “Global Cooling”.
Seriously, the disruption in the PolarVortex was explained by GLOBAL COOLING during the 1970s.
So my question is what is the mechanism that causes the disruption of the polar vortex in both conditions of WARMING & COOLING.
When that’s explained, then my question is : Is the only hope for humanity a climate that neither COOLS nor WARMS
And: When in 4 Billion years of climate history was that the case?

theNobamist Silicon Valley
01/30/19 6:39 pm

The truth is not out there.

mitchman399 Oregon
01/30/19 3:26 pm

The reason people started calling it climate change was to stop people from saying "How can there be global warming? It was cold today." Climate change is an increase of the average temperature of the world. It causes extremes in the weather because it messes with the weather systems.

RightOfCenter SaveTheRepublic
01/30/19 3:40 pm

All US government records of extreme weather events: hurricanes, fires, drought, flood, tornado, all show NO TREND or in some cases, a TREND DOWN in these events.
There was a similar rapid warming from 1900 to 1940. Arctic conditions were then similar to now.
All references to all time low arctic sea ice coverage are since the 1979 satellite era. Which coincidently was a peak of sea ice coming out of a forty year cooling.

The Alarmists are so dishonest. That’s what angers me the most. They know better and still try to put lipstick on this pig!

mitchman399 Oregon
01/30/19 3:42 pm

Personally the research and data I've looked at doesn't align with what you are saying.

kscott516 Revelation 5 6
01/30/19 4:34 pm

Weird, NOAA?

“But statistical tests reveal that this trend is so small, relative to the variability in the series, that it is not significantly distinguishable from zero (Figure 2). Thus the historical tropical storm count record does not provide compelling evidence for a greenhouse warming induced long-term increase.”

I don’t know. Mitch is probably more of an expert.

John1 Florida
01/30/19 5:26 pm

It has with my research. Hurricane intensity and frequency of this decade and the past decade are lower than other decades. Matter of fact, the 1880’s decade saw 25 hurricanes. The 1940’s saw 23. The 1890’s saw 20. The 1910’s saw 21. The 2000’s saw 19. This totally contradicts what climate scientists claim. It really doesn’t take much research to debunk this myth. Here’s another tidbit; the Medieval Period (roughly 800 to 1,000 years ago) had an average global temperature about two degrees Fahrenheit warmer than current temperatures (61 degrees then compared to 59 degrees today).

RightOfCenter SaveTheRepublic
01/30/19 6:51 pm

If the higher latitudes were warming more than the mid & tropical latitudes, then the disparity in temperatures between them would be reduced.
With reduced temperature differential, my small understanding of physics, would lead me to suspect less severe weather patterns not more extreme.

The hypothesis seems to have at least one glaring internal contradiction.