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Punctuation January 30th, 2019 6:44pm

Eliminating private health providers so the government can run our healthcare how is that working out for the VA hospitals

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FrankLuntz Fredericksburg, VA
01/31/19 4:24 pm

This has been tried and always fails. The simple fact is that the quality of care will suffer and it is not financially sustainable. Even the semi-socialized experiment has been a disaster.

DunkinFrunk Austin area, Texas
01/31/19 8:03 am

I have great health care from the VA. I have good Dr’s that listen to what I have to say.

presrvd Phoenix
01/31/19 6:52 am

How many Americans are employed by private health care providers? Perhaps they’re an ‘acceptable loss’......?

01/31/19 7:59 am

If you honestly think that loss of employment would be the worst of a government take over of healthcare then you clearly are not tall enough to see the real issue

presrvd Phoenix
01/31/19 8:00 am

I don’t, it’s just the one part that I never even hear anyone mention....

Jazzy5 USA
01/30/19 1:06 pm

Vets died, waiting.
That will happen with single payer!