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UserIsBeing January 30th, 2019 4:36pm

Which outcome have climate scientists been predicting will result from rapid climate change... uniform warming (everywhere gets warmer) or extreme weather (subarctic Midwest while Australia burns, CA wildfires during the former rainy season, etc)?

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HBNY this space for rent
01/31/19 6:35 am

I studied atmospheric science at SUNY. Anthropogenic climate change is real, peeps. Climate change deniers like Trump don’t know the difference between specific weather events and climate.

smadison Wisconsin
01/30/19 10:08 pm

The term global warming does NOT mean uniform warming throughout Earth. It comes from taking the observed temperatures everywhere in the world and averaging them into one value. That average global temperature is increasing, hence “global” warming. People don’t understand this concept, hence the term climate change (which is more inclusive to the different changes that are occurring in different regions of the world)

John1 Florida
01/30/19 6:25 pm

Remember when The NY Times was calling for the end of snow because of global war-I mean climate change?

Axl752 Ontario
01/30/19 6:44 pm

That's an editorial. Try again.

John1 Florida
01/30/19 11:46 pm

Lol no I won’t actually, because Gore along with a multitude of other articles from “credible” scientists, politicians and journalists from years gone by have written the same thing. “Climate change will lead to hotter summers and warmer winters.” If you are denying that then you are oblivious to the past. You literally can’t lose the debate because every time we have weather to any extreme you use it as proof of your propaganda. And the article I sourced included scientific data from scientists themselves 😱

Climatologists say hurricanes are happening at a higher frequency; false, the 1880’s saw 25 hurricanes while the 2000’s saw 19. Other decades of the 19th and early-mid 20th centuries saw 20+ hurricanes compared to the later 20th and early 21st centuries. The Medieval Warming period (800 to 1,000 years ago) had global temperatures which were two degrees Fahrenheit warmer then compared to now (59 degrees now vs 61 degrees then).

John1 Florida
01/30/19 11:46 pm

• Heat wave - climate change
• Blizzard - climate change
• No snow - climate change
• More snow - climate change
• Hurricane - climate change
• No hurricane - climate change
• Florida will be under water
• Florida won’t be under water

John1 Florida
01/30/19 11:48 pm

Here’s an excerpt from the “editorial” citing an esteemed climatologist and the profound conclusion he came to back in 2014.

“That situation led the climatologist Daniel Scott, a professor of global change and tourism at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, to analyze potential venues for future Winter Games. His thought was that with a rise in the average global temperature of more than 7 degrees Fahrenheit possible by 2100, there might not be that many snowy regions left in which to hold the Games. He concluded that of the 19 cities that have hosted the Winter Olympics, as few as 10 might be cold enough by midcentury to host them again. By 2100, that number shrinks to 6.”

John1 Florida
01/30/19 11:49 pm


“The planet has warmed 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit since the 1800s, and as a result, snow is melting. In the last 47 years, a million square miles of spring snow cover has disappeared from the Northern Hemisphere.”

John1 Florida
01/30/19 11:58 pm

Axl- is more appropriate?

Here’s an article, editorial or whatever the hell you want to call it from Nov. 2017

“Winters are warming across the U.S., and in some locations, the warming is dramatic.”

“Warming winters may sound nice to some who prefer more moderate temperatures, but milder winters can signal more difficult times for industries that economically depend on cold winters. Tourism and recreation may suffer when mild conditions negatively affect skiing, snowmobiling and ice fishing. In the West, the warmer winters can lead to faster snow melting and less snowpack...”

John1 Florida
01/31/19 12:12 am

“Science is warning us that if we do not quickly reduce the global warming pollution that is trapping so much of the heat our planet normally radiates back out of the atmosphere, we are in danger of creating a permanent 'carbon summer'.”

-Al Gore

Axl752 Ontario
01/31/19 3:37 am

LOL... Oh boy. Weather does not equal climate. Global trends show the average temperature rising every year. Just because you get a cold week in buffalo or wherever does not mean climate change is a hoax.

John1 Florida
01/31/19 3:41 am

Trust me Axl, I know. Based on the information. I have presented, maybe you should be informing your climatologists. After all, everything I just said was based off of their statements and “findings.”

And wouldn’t hurricanes and lack of snow be considered weather?

Axl752 Ontario
01/30/19 6:00 pm

Extreme weather caused by an increasing average global temperature. Unfortunately for us our president makes us look like a country of buffoons when it comes to science though.

Radon Parts Unknown
01/30/19 10:41 am

Oh, it's not warming constantly and the ice caps are still around?
Shit, what should we do guys to get those carbon taxes?
I know! We will change the name to climate change and whenever something other than stagnant weather occurs, it'll validate our assertion!

voc Hey
01/30/19 11:12 am

They are still around, but for how much longer?

Radon Parts Unknown
01/30/19 11:21 am

Al Gore told me they'd be gone in 2015. Those same scientists said we'd be out of oil in 2000. They also said in the 70's that we'd go into an ice age. They also said New York would be under water by now. It used to be called global warming in the 90's because it was oddly hot then. Once it got cold again the name conveniently changed. These people who claim to care about global warming take 8 car motorcades to a private jet. Where they fly across the world to another 8 car motorcade. Where they all meet in an AC cooled palace to dine on caviar and steak. While all those conventions could be done over freakin Skype. At what point do I get to doubt without being called a loon. They have NEVER been right with their predictions. Global Warming is the new USSR.

Radon Parts Unknown
01/30/19 11:31 am

When it rains a lot. Global warming
When there's a drought. Global warming.
When it snows a lot. Global warming.
When it doesn't snow. Global warming.
When it's really hot. Global warming.
When it's really cold. Global warming.
When there is natural disasters. Global warming, because you know, nothing bad ever happened until 1850.
When there is forest fires. Global warming, because you know, forest fires never happened until 1850.
The bees are dying. Global warming.... OH WAIT, actual science figured out it was a fungus ruining hives.
Milkweed is dying. Global warming, OH WAIT, last year had the most milkweed in like decade. Turns out milkweed just needs certain conditions to grow well. Like all plants, who would have thought?
There is nothing that can happen to falsify the hypothesis. That isn't science. You know what that it? Religion.

UserIsBeing ignore. I shall return
01/30/19 11:32 am

Radon, the only thing you’re correct about is that the term changed from “global warming” to “climate change” to help people understand that a rise in overall global temperatures does not mean it will get warmer everywhere uniformly. Based on these poll results, obviously a lot of people still don’t understand this.

New research suggests a link between rapid climate change and recent polar vortex breakdowns...

“While climate change is warming the earth, not all parts of the earth are warming at the same rate; the Arctic is warming at a rate twice as fast as the world average. That warming has led to historically low levels of sea ice in the region. The melting sea ice, particularly in an area near the Barents and Kara Seas off Siberia, may be linked to the changes in the polar vortex.” ~


UserIsBeing ignore. I shall return
01/30/19 11:35 am

Aljazeera Gore isn’t the authority on this subject. Current climate models are frighteningly accurate.

No one said extreme weather didn’t happen before. The thing is it’s happening more frequently and more extremely across the board. Records are being broken left and right and extremely weather is becoming more common. If you don’t accept the consensus of the climate science community, now do you explain that?


tractorman Oklahoma
01/30/19 11:36 am

Radon, your comments here sound awfully like those you accused me of making and intimidated that I was acting like a troll. What up with that? Tractor

Radon Parts Unknown
01/30/19 11:38 am

Oh so the arctic is warming at double the rate. But the air coming from there has made my state the coldest it's ever been in recorded history. Makes complete sense to me. They won't even deliver the mail today it's so cold. I'd think that warming arctic air wouldn't make it a windchill of -45 degrees right now. My father tells me he's NEVER seen it this cold before and he's been through a lot of polar vortexes.

The changed the name because it's not getting warmer. Anything else they tell you is a lie. This is all a scam to get carbon taxes.

Radon Parts Unknown
01/30/19 11:39 am

If you think I'm being a troll tractor, then just say I'm taking a play out of your handbook. Haha

voc Hey
01/30/19 11:39 am

Good grief.....

Radon Parts Unknown
01/30/19 11:41 am

We've only been keeping records since about 1830. That's only 180 some years of data. Any geological scientist will tell you that's a puny amount of data to go off of.

Radon Parts Unknown
01/30/19 11:50 am

First lesson to learn is science is NOT objective. Scientists will find whatever answer their funder wants them to find. I've seen it first hand. I've seen numbers, computer models, and lab experiments manipulated to get a certain outcome. Not for global warming, admittedly. But I can't imagine they are any different. They get grants from the government, and the government gets to create carbon taxes. Those grants are an investment. Nothing more. Objective science died in the 1950's. It's all about money these days for a variety of reasons.

Radon Parts Unknown
01/30/19 11:57 am

Read a scientific paper some time. They are a NIGHTMARE to write, let me tell you. The reason is because you basically need to minor in law to write them. You have to use words and phrases that are not absolute. Nothing is certain in them. It's to cover their ass if they are ever proven wrong. They can have hard core numbers and graphs. In the figure you'll find shit like, it is likely or found in this lab study or we predict followed with 7 different p-values that show the chance of error.

UserIsBeing ignore. I shall return
01/30/19 12:46 pm

R, the polar vortex study is explained in detail in the article I linked. Put simply, the warming breaks down the currents that usually trap the arctic air allowing it to leak southward.

Science is absolutely objective. Are you implying there’s a global conspiracy between governments and scientists?

And how do you explain this private study (partially funded by the Koch brothers) that converted one of the foremost deniers (Richard Muller) from skeptic to a believer:

As for the 180 years of data... ok, so 20 of the warmest years on record happened in the last 22 years. How do you explain that?

PS, I’ve read plenty of papers on this subject; it’s how I converted from climate denier (just like you) to accepting the reality of the situation. You should try it some time! 😀


RightOfCenter TheCurrentThing
01/30/19 2:59 pm

Very old data, 2012, a lot has happened since then, namely the Arctic sea ice is gaining & so is Greenland MSB. Global temperature anomaly has dropped 0.58C in two years. The scam/hoax is becoming obvious to even the most fervent true believers!

Radon Parts Unknown
01/30/19 4:01 pm

Exactly, funded by the Koch brothers. Give me a break. Those slim balls will do anything to make money. The other "independent" research is funded by oil companies. To make their product worth more and they get to drill less per year, win win.
Also, absolutely I'm saying the scientists are in kahoots with the gov. It's such a great deal. Also, scientists that try to disprove global warming are shunned from the community. Their papers NEVER get published. They never get invited to the parties and seminars. No lab will touch them. Any truly independent research is near grass root. They have to scrape by to afford to do research that journals will just throw in the trash bin when submitted.
Science is not objective. That's just the way it is anymore. If you want to be famous, accepted into the club, rich and have a job you have to play by their rules. Objectivity died a long time ago.

tractorman Oklahoma
01/31/19 8:00 am

Sad that you and many more believe this drivel you are parroting from conservative think tanks. Unfortunately, it will come to our grandchildren and great grandchildren to pay the price for this folly.😢😰🌎

Radon Parts Unknown
01/31/19 10:20 am

You say that as the politicians spend and borrow like madmen. The debt is 22 trillion. I don't want to hear that, think of the children, stuff until we address an actual problem they are going to face in life. That debt has to be payed and we are putting our children in bondage to the state by spending now to have an easy life. Democrats especially don't care about the debt. So don't try that emotional tripe.

suppressedID destiny is right now
01/30/19 9:57 am

System will be in complete disarray.

“…this city is headed for a disaster of biblical proportions… fire and brimstone coming down from the skies… forty years of darkness, earthquakes, volcanoes… dogs and cats, living together – mass hysteria!” – Ghostbusters

UserIsBeing ignore. I shall return
01/30/19 9:36 am


Which outcome have climate scientists been predicting will result from rapid climate change... uniform warming (everywhere gets warmer) or extreme weather (subarctic Midwest while Australia burns, CA wildfires during the former rainy season, etc)?

Uniform warning / Extreme weather


UserIsBeing ignore. I shall return
01/30/19 9:37 am

Oops typo in the left answer. Should be “warming”. (Maybe a Freudian slip by my phone 😀)

smartfart Florida
01/30/19 10:32 am

Good thing you clarified. I thought it was “waming” anyway.