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Scrltt64 January 30th, 2019 4:08pm

Shouldn't politicians be clear when discussing "healthcare" when they are really talking about "health insurance"?

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Attikai Oregon
01/30/19 2:05 pm

Health insurance is a part of healthcare.

Robert01 existentialist
01/30/19 4:35 pm

No. That's what health insurers want you to think.

Attikai Oregon
01/30/19 4:37 pm

It's certainly an integral part of healthcare in modern day America.

Robert01 existentialist
01/30/19 4:39 pm

It has become that way but it still isnt inherently necessary

Attikai Oregon
01/30/19 4:49 pm

That doesn't change the fact that health insurance is part of healthcare in our private system. Good luck coming up with a million dollars to treat your cancer without health insurance, a government run system or being very wealthy.

Scrltt64 Ohio
01/31/19 10:41 am

Our system requires our medical facilities treat any sick person. The debate on "healthcare" began as a cost cutting measure. The states were burdened with the costs of those not insured. Before this began, I had insurance that would pay a portion of my child care if he broke his arm. Now I have insurance that won't pay a thing until we get to $12000. Which of these provided the best possibility of him receiving health care? Having insurance has nothing to do with the care he receives it only determines who pays for it.

Robert01 existentialist
01/31/19 10:54 am

Agreed, up intell the last notion.

With insurance you are always paying. Regardless if you or anyone under your plan is Ill. Hell jim down the street broke his arm, and he has the same insurance as you, you are paying a portion of Jimmy's bill.

Jazzy5 USA
01/30/19 1:11 pm

Good luck, getting that!

01/30/19 9:41 am

What good is good healthcare if you can't afford it? If your healthcare is dependent on what care you can afford than it can be considered one and the same

Robert01 existentialist
01/30/19 10:45 am

Health care costs less when health insurance isnt involved.