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zimmy January 30th, 2019 12:16pm

Our intelligence officials and Trump seem to be at odds over the state of the world, who do you believe more?

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raidadave Washington
01/31/19 12:43 am

I trust the intelligence community over the "gut instinct" of trump.

01/30/19 10:46 am

Honestly I’m skeptical of both as they both have their own agendas, and a horrible track record.

Just out of curiosity do you have specific examples?

01/30/19 5:15 pm

I read it. Definitely sounds like Orange Man Bad.

Squidboy Snarkapottamus
01/30/19 8:46 am

Who do I believe? Dedicated career professionals who have devoted decades to their job......or a lazy, ignorant moron who spends his days watching Fox News and eating Arby’s? I’m going with the intelligence community and you are a fool if you choose potus.

zimmy Florida
01/30/19 9:09 am


suppressedID destiny is right now
01/30/19 7:41 am

I trust the people that read. 📖 📚

Scrltt64 Ohio
01/30/19 7:16 am

Trump is elected by the people. When we allow unelected officials to dictate our policies we end up with things like Vietnam. And we can't fire them when they are wrong. I'm sure all the people who said Saddam had WMDs still work there. And we don't have any idea if any of those people are working from their own agenda and cant hold them accountable.

UniversePlan Michigan
01/30/19 8:11 am

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01/30/19 10:47 am

Great point. Liberals were quick to question “the intelligence community” when they said that Saddam has WMDs.

Malekithe the Final Frontier
01/30/19 11:39 am

All presidents are elected by a minority of the people

OrangeCounty Subscribe to Pewdiepie
01/30/19 12:30 pm

Thank you. Never been a president elected by a majority except George Washington!

Malekithe the Final Frontier
01/30/19 9:17 pm

Probably not then either. Remember not everyone was allowed to vote

Scrltt64 Ohio
01/30/19 10:14 pm

They are elected by a majority of the atates.

Scrltt64 Ohio
01/30/19 10:15 pm

Reagan won 49 of 50 states.

snagglepuss Story Time
01/30/19 6:50 am


Trump gets his intel from TV and his imagination.

voc Hey
01/30/19 6:33 am

Well, since trump lies constantly, I don’t believe him

rons Thanks America
01/30/19 6:28 am

Nobody believe the ones that know. For instance the majority on border patrol officers opt for a wall but it seem congressmen know better. Same thing with Trump.

voc Hey
01/30/19 6:56 am

It depends on what news source you believe if the border patrol agents want the wall or not.

Scrltt64 Ohio
01/30/19 7:18 am

Seems to me that the Chief under Trump and the Chief under Obama have been on most all channels. The entire group, both union and officials, went to White House briefing room so they got their opinions out on all media that day.

rons Thanks America
01/30/19 9:28 am

The news source was personal interview with the border patrol. I heard them say it.

rons Thanks America
01/30/19 9:29 am

Every news sources say the fence on the Cali border is effective. Maybe just extend it.

SoHRepublicans are right
01/30/19 5:37 am

The President is the highest intelligent official. It all comes down to: Do I believe the boss or the workers?

LibArtie SW Connecticut
01/30/19 5:43 am

Sometimes the boss is a treasonous muthafukka.

paranoidandroid peace love science
01/30/19 6:14 am

CEOs, presidents, etc aren’t all knowing. Good ones rely on their subordinates (bc they are all the best people right?) who have training, experience and knowledge in their respected specialties to provide them with accurate info so they can make informed decisions.

paranoidandroid peace love science
01/30/19 6:15 am

(This alt account fell for the “I’m the smartest president ever” lines)

Scrltt64 Ohio
01/30/19 7:21 am

But they also know their customers and know to listen to advice but make their own decisions. If all we do is listen to them what would we need a President for? All of Kennedy's advisors wanted to attack Russia over Cuban missiles. Had he listened, we may not even be here today.

LibArtie SW Connecticut
01/30/19 7:33 am

Absolutely, we need a President desperately. Problem is, all we have is a treasonous muthafukka.

paranoidandroid peace love science
01/30/19 9:54 am

Trump consistently doesn’t listen to experts in his own government about big issues. Intelligence of course. I seem to remember a climate change report which was buried the day after thanksgiving. Too many examples to list. Trump is not the brilliant man child you koolaid drinkers think that he is.

bartman71 USW
01/30/19 4:02 pm

Don't ask my boss anything about my machine. He has no clue. You want to know, you better ask an operator.

KellyDimples NJ
01/30/19 5:23 am

What are you referring to, exactly?

KellyDimples NJ
01/30/19 5:41 am

Thanks. I'll read and give my opinion later. And no, I won't dismiss the Washington Post as a left-wing source, even though it is.

rons Thanks America
01/30/19 6:30 am

Remember when Obama poopooed Romney over his Russian comment?

KellyDimples NJ
01/30/19 6:33 am

Yeah, he said the 80s were calling and wanted their foreign policy back.

KellyDimples NJ
01/30/19 6:46 am

Here's my honest take.
Yes, Trump is prone to hyperbole and exaggeration.
But I also am a believer in the existence of the 'military industrial complex' which has powerful influence and interest in keeping us in a state of perpetual war, for motives which aren't exactly noble.
So that being said, I'm not sure who to believe. I think Trump has been much tougher on our enemies (and the ones who claim to be allies but don't act like it) than Obama ever was.

paranoidandroid peace love science
01/30/19 9:59 am

Here my honest take:


KellyDimples NJ
01/30/19 10:13 am

Paranoidandroid, stick to giving your own opinion instead of commenting on mine. Thanks.