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DarliinggAR January 30th, 2019 10:27am

Which do you prefer? California beach life, weed, no snow, an people are lax. Or New York City life, fashion,traffic jams plus snow, an the people don’t give a fu*k?!

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BigPhatPastor Jefferson Hills, PA
02/18/19 7:22 am

Like the beach but I was born and raised in and love NYC.

KudosToYou California
01/31/19 7:00 pm

Can I have California with snow? Tahoe isn’t that far.

Crispy899 America
01/30/19 4:27 pm

I’d be fine with moving back to Cali but I wish they would turn the drama down to an 8. I can settle for an 8

MonteChristo almost moist
01/30/19 10:55 am

Cali has traffic too, and some snow in the north. New York also has great pizza. Cali has good beaches

Radon Parts Unknown
01/30/19 8:22 am

Both are absolutely terrible places.

LibArtie SW Connecticut
01/30/19 6:04 am

Clearly you’re ignorant about New York. This is your misfortune.

DonWichita Kansas
01/30/19 5:15 am

Neither !
I prefer the generally quiet, easy pace and friendlyness of Wichita Kansas.

Yes I know Wichita has been on COPS a few times recently and that is why I inserted the word "Generally".

DarliinggAR old bridge
01/30/19 4:46 am

I rather live in Pennsylvania... a house in the middle of the woods would be a dream

CrazDab Florida
01/30/19 4:27 am

Never been impressed with New York. Kinda pushing it with California too. Colorado is where it’s at πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž