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DarliinggAR January 30th, 2019 10:06am

Do you believe showing emotion is a form of strength? They say in order to love you need hate, but to hate you have to love. Or not showing emotion at all is the true strength...

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Attikai Oregon
01/30/19 10:15 pm

No one says you need to hate to love.

snagglepuss Story Time
01/30/19 9:56 pm

Showing emotion is a natural response to stimuli. It’s healthy.

Scrltt64 Ohio
01/30/19 7:24 am

Being able to control when and where to show emotion and to what degree would be best. On the love/hate part of your question, I believe love and hate are not opposites. They are both extreme emotions. Not caring at all is the opposite.

CrazDab Florida
01/30/19 4:25 am

I’m gonna need some gin in my juice to answer this question 🤯

DarliinggAR old bridge
01/30/19 3:14 am

Personally I feel like being emotionless is easier then showing emotion, an being able to feel others emotions can also put an anxiety on those ... like that moment you walk into a room an you can feel the tension like someone just got into a brutal fight. How energy can still be felt in the air.. not a lot of ppl have that natural sense of feeling emotions..

01/30/19 5:09 am

I think showing emotion is important. However, I can certainly understand your point about how emotional issues hit certain people. I can't turn them off and I do feel tension when there's tension. It can be very overwhelming at times but it does help me understand people better and it keeps my eyes wide open to the emotions other people feel, how they express them and how others react to that expression.

I'm sure that can be seen as a positive or negative but I see it as a positive because what I also sense is when something is about to get bad. That's when it's easiest to intervene and try to diffuse the tension.