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DarliinggAR January 30th, 2019 10:03am

Do you believe blood is thicker then water? Or do you feel that certain people who enter our lives can be closer then family?

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GlockMan1 Alabama
01/30/19 9:47 am

Our family is really tight so ....Blood.

UniversePlan Michigan
01/30/19 8:17 am

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Jazzy5 USA
01/30/19 7:02 am

You can pick your friends, you can’t pick your family...

DarliinggAR old bridge
01/30/19 3:15 am

I only have my parents an no family an it’s sad to say I’ve had friends closer to me then my own mom. My fiancé probably knows me better then my own parents. It truly pains me not having a close nit family an no siblings